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Frank Lloyd Wright

The trouble is that I raised myself with the illusion that life should be as well (or narrowly) ordered as a Frank Lloyd Wright house.


Letter from Cairns

Comment from Cairns: Let’s face it – you Americans like killing. You like to watch films (that you call ‘movies’) about killing – you call them blockbusters, or crime stories, or thrillers, or murder mysteries, or horrors; you like to play computer games in which you kill characters; you like to read stories about killing; and you like to kill non-human animals for fun, to eat their corpses. Some of you even like to kill other humans, either in a uniform or outside the law, in which latter case you will probably be killed in turn by lethal injection or electrocution if you are caught and convicted. • For almost half a millennium, the USA has been a killing field. You dispossessed by killing the original owners of the sub-divisions where you now build your McHomes. You terrorised your imported and bred African slaves by killing them when they got uppity. You go around the world killing the Vietnamese, the Cambodians, the Iraqis, the Afghanis and anyone else whom you think you have the God Given right to kill. Every year, you commemorate on Independence Day your unlawful rebellion against the English monarch whose prime concern was to stop you killing even more Native Americans as your greed for land pushed you ever further west. • You Americans are good at killing. It’s probably the one and only thing indeed that you do really, really well – better than anyone else on earth. You are a sick country of sick people whose high rates of murder, cruelty and destruction are a mirror into your souls.
One massacre does not define a people. Look at the case in Norway. It may show that the Norwegians are slightly more tense about their beliefs and judgements than Danes, but it does not show them to be a murderous people.
  It is the false bullying masculinity image in the U.S. and the constant killling,
domestically and overseas that this supports that is the problem the letter
from Cairns is pointing to.

how many kids are willing to kill — even for free

Dear Gregory Castle – clearly you are not acting out book film or video game fantasies. But some people – too many – are. Read descriptions of the thousands of idiotic gun incidents that don’t happen to kill people, or the cultures of murder in which so many try to live their lives. As the Gang boss in Guayquil said: “You wouldn’t believe how many kids are willing to kill — even for free”