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20-10-09 “Congo Redux”

Deconstructing the Demiurge
Part II “Congo Redux”
(Sorry I can’t format the lines right – go to the link to see
what the author intended)

by Carlo Parcelli

“Starvation happens not because this is Africa, or the Congo, it
is because we are witnessing the most devastating example of
predatory capitalism and heartless, absolute greed, combined
with a spiritual crises—in the “first” world—of unprecedented
-Keith Harmon Snow

“I came here to help the folks and seek work, but the
more I learn the more FUBAR this place appears to be.”
-African aid worker


“The Gilded Index of Far-Reaching Ruin”

II: Congo Redux

For G.W. Williams, William Sheppard, Edmund
Morel, Roger Casement & Keith Harmon Snow and
for the people, past and present, of Congo

“…[T]he hypocrisy…of having three battalions
Of the Pentagon “trained” Rwandan Defense Force
Operating in Darfur
While the RDF is openly backing

Laurent Nkunda’s occupation proxy force in Congo.
Or the UPDF—having received fresh military training by U.S. covert forces
— Shipped to Somalia.

Without a doubt, “A few well-placed arrests—beginning in Washington,
Frankfurt, London, New York and Brussels—
Would redress the problem… of crimes against humanity everywhere.”

John Kennedy had presented Mobutu with a private plane.
Those cool spring nights on Mobutu’s yacht,
Protected by Buisine and Israeli mercenary Meir Meyouhas—
With their regiment of crack black intelligence operatives—

The President of Zaire received his guests—
Secretary of State Henry Kissinger; Vice-President George H.W. Bush;
Ambassadors Andrew Young and Jean Kirkpatrick;
And CIA mercenary Frank Carlucci.

After all, the U.S. had been the first country
To recognize King Leopold’s claim to Congo
Leopold’s and Stanley’s and now Mobutu’s proxied Congo
Where G.W. Williams was moved to coin

The phrase “crimes against humanity”
What the Mongo called “the overwhelming.”
Diamond tycoon Maurice Templesman dined often
With Mobutu on the Kamanyola,

Sometimes with his lover, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis,
Often with his Zaire-based diamond agents like Jerry Funk or James Barnes,
And with De Beers agents like Nicky Oppenheimer or Nick Davenport.

The Templesman and De Beers empires exist
Today in Congo in their modern forms,
Walter Kansteiner III, one of the shadiest architects of Congo’s troubles,
Son of a Chicago coltan trader,

Assistant Secretary of State for Africa under G.W. Bush
And former “National Security” insider and
Member of the Department of Defense Task Force on Strategic Minerals
Under Bill Clinton who at The Forum for International Policy

In October of 1996 advocated partitioning Zaire
Into smaller states based on the colonial expired canard of ethnic lineage,
The ‘o-bleak’ ancestry of coltan, copper, oil and diamonds,
While K.’s lieutenant Kabila was on the march;

With their major assignment, to balkanize Congo
Then as now, behind the current scripted chaos of
And media encryption about the Great Lakes region.
Conflicts within the U.S.—between the Department of State,

Pentagon and Intelligence agencies—
Collateralized in regional warfare on the ground
In Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Congo et al.
Kansteiner trustee of the Africa Wildlife Foundation—

Another profit-based “conservation” corporation tied to
Conservation International,
The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and
The Jane Goodall Institute—

Entities who front gorilla and chimp protection
Yet hide deeper agendas—mines and derricks,
“Barrick Gold one of AWF’s premier sponsors
As well as Richard Leakey’s paramilitary front organization,

Wildlife Direct, and the Africa Conservation Fund,
A shadowy Washington D.C. cover.
Leakey receiving 24,000 pounds a month from the Kenyan government
As dictated by the IMF and the World Bank.

And Kansteiner, a director of the precious metal firm Titanium Resources Group,
A company tied to Sierra Rutile Ltd,
A firm pivotal to the bloodshed in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Rutile Ltd. director Sir Sam Jonah, who is also
A director for Moto Gold, helped finance
Rwandan RCD rebel groups in Congo
While he was a CEO of Ashanti Goldfields.”

Sierra Rutile, owned by Max and Jean-Raymond Boulle
And Robert Friedland, “Friends of Slick Willy”
Who are linked to clandestine networks of offshore holdings

And front companies involved in weapons trafficking, drug smuggling,
Money laundering and human rights atrocities
From Burma to the Congo to Mongolia.
The Congo Free State concessions Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company;

The ‘Anversoise’ held the State as the majority shareholder.
As well as Crown Domain around the Leopold Lake,
The private property of Leopold of Sachsen Coburg Gotha

And run by the civil service.
Even the French Congo’s Mpoko concession yielded
Half its share of capital to the Belgians;
After Jean Jadot’s bungle in China in 1906

He became director of Société Générale,

And three licensed companies designed
To further exploit Congo’s mineral resources:
The Union Minière du Haut-Katanga,
Société Internationale Forestière et Minière du Congo (Forminière)

And La Compagnie du Chemin de Fer du Bas-Congo au Katanga
And because of their managerial and technological expertise,
Leopold promoted British and American involvement in the companies

Including Morel’s employer Elder Dempster.

But limited to ivory, timber, diamonds, rubber, cotton, coffee,
Palm oil, gold, copper and a few other minerals,

Hardly the envy of the modern corporate technological kleptocracy

With their catalogue of metals alone running to 88.
And Europe mimicked Leopold’s successful business model

With Corvee labor and slavery in French Congo, Portuguese Angola,
And the German Cameroons

“Most of us know the red, and perhaps the brown, shares
Of the Société des Mines d’Or de Kilo Moto,”

Once Joseph Mobutu’s private mine
With western interlocuters from Brussels , Houston and Tel Aviv—

Yves Le Norvan and the Damseau family; Roger Lemaire;
And Israeli military agent, David Agnon.

To outflank reconstruction,
J.T. Morgan introduced a Senate resolution
In support of Leopold’s Congo claims,

First sending a draft to Henry Sanford,
And like any lobbyist seeing a chance Sanford added

Land “drained by the Congo River”
“[I]ts tributaries and adjacent rivers” e.g.

All of Central Africa.
The present Moto Gold Mining “lease”—
A massive land grab corruptly obtained—

With Siemens and Ken Overseas in the syndicate,
And Siemens director Tiego Moseneke

Also a director of PetroSA, a new South African oil firm
Poaching Congo concessions on Lake Albert.

Ken Overseas…involved in the Minière de Bakwanga (MIBA) diamond mines
In Congo’s Mbuji-Mayi province, the same Ken Overseas

Who’s allied in a MIBA mining consortium linked
To Belgian tycoon Philippe de Moerloose

And Israeli mining magnate Dan Gertler; both arms traffickers
Providing transnational poachers their requisite security.

“The treaties must be brief,” the King told Stanley,
“And [they] must grant us everything.”

And Leopold put Oxford scholar, Sir Travis Twiss, on the payroll to legitimate
The right of private companies to act as if they were sovereign countries

When making treaties with native chiefs.

And Museveni co-chaired the shell
Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa
A front for multinational corporations
Along with USAID

A Christian-based “soft policy” wing of the Pentagon

That uses food as a weapon under the guise of charity.
The Senate report declared, “that no barbarous people have
So readily adopted the fostering care of benevolent enterprise

As have the tribes of the Congo…”
Foley and Hoag LLP, 1875 K Street
Where this writer used to clean offices
Promoting the partnership to accelerate hunger and poverty in Africa

[And the report ended, “and never was there a more honest
And practical effort made to secure their welfare.”]
F&H sending two high-profile lawyers

With the Pentagon lawyers in tow, jetting

From the Judge Advocate General Corp.
To the International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (ICTR),
“Where victor’s justice has arbitrarily

And selectively politicized genocide

In favor of the Pentagon’s UPDF/RPA proxy governments
Months before the ratting out and the double cross.
Foley Hoag tied to the U.S.-Uganda Friendship Council,

A consortium that involves Coke, Pfizer and Chevron-Texaco and

Coke director Kathleen Black, a principle in Hearst media ,
While Coke directors Warren Buffet and Barry Diller

Also sit on the board of the Washington Post Company,
Media institutions that whitewash white-collar crime in Congo.

And London’s Hill and Knowlton launders Uganda’s war crimes
On the wash-board of Western public opinion.

The river a spilled red ink well.
And a PCHPA director also fronts Bread for the World,

A protectionist and nationalistic
U.S.-based Christian evangelical “charity”

Whose directors include Bob Dole of Alston & Bird
And former White House cabinet officials Mike McCurry and Leon Panetta.

And Thomas Pickering, Susan Rice, Gayle Smith, Donald Payne,
Ed Royce, John Podesta, Anthony Lake,

Bill and Hillary Clinton and others,
Recent architects of covert operations in Africa.”

And Hillary Clinton beams, Secretary of State,
Eyes bulging between incredulity and madness.

Rice who spawned the Pentagon’s prized Africa Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI)
Run by SOCOM solely to project U.S. power.

Like the ongoing covert war in Darfur,
Where the backers of the “mysterious” rebel groups are never exposed

And the militias in Congo are paid proxy armies
That serve the interests of the international kleptocracy

At the expense of their competitors.
The way the CIA drones knock off the ‘heron’ competition in Helmand

Or fight turf wars for coke in Colombia, Bolivia and Peru.
The hypocrisy and international scandal of having three battalions

Of Pentagon “trained” Rwandan Defense Force “peacekeepers”

Operating in Darfur
While the RDF is openly backing
Laurent Nkunda’s occupation proxy force in Congo,

And the UPDF—fresh from military training by U.S. covert forces in Uganda—

Killing in the Somali countryside.
Not even diplomacy as canard.
“Crazy making,” says Snow. “Crazy making.”

U.S. covert forces with their state-of-the-art acronyms, C4ISTR—

Command, Control, Communications,
Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance—
And there were Humvees and C-130 aircraft

Ferrying black-skinned U.S. Special Forces into South Sudan

And northeastern Congo.
Israeli military experts, Eritrean and Ethiopian regulars,
And SPLA forces along for the ride

Backing the RPA/UPDF who marched across Zaire

Massacring refugees, mostly women and children,
Mostly Hutus, that fled Kigali in 1994.
800,000 IDPs, terrified, homeless, starving, justifiably angry

Took up arms

And UNAMIR clandestinely backed the illegal guerrilla war.
Guerrilla wars in Rwanda and South Sudan prosecuted
Much like the CIA-backed low-intensity warfare,

Spawned by Washington, against populist movements

In Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile and Guatemala
And a hundred other places.
An in your face international kleptocracy
Competing for land and loot.

Garang learning the garotte at the School of the Americas,

Kagame sculpting C-4 at Fort Leavenworth.
Both candidates for “counter-insurgency” training
Through the Pentagon’s IMET program,

IMET and the School of the Americas synonymous with slaughter.

And Tom Daschle of HHS, like Dole
Another whore for Alston & Bird,
“And an Honorary Senior fellow of the Center for American Progress (CAP),

The nationalist U.S. big money “think tank”

Behind a multitude of front groups with hidden foreign policy agendas
Around Uganda, Rwanda, Congo and Sudan.”
Including the sadistically cynical ‘ENOUGH! Project,’

The new RAISE HOPE FOR CONGO initiative,

Whose program collaterally dashes the same.
“The Genocide Intervention Network,
The ONE Campaign and the International Crisis Group (ICG)—

All of which somehow involve agents like John Prendergast,

Former national security insider for ‘Mena’ Bill.”
The UPC, FPRI, FNI—“meaningless acronyms used to scramble the brains…”

Museveni, Kabila, Zenawi, Afwerki, Mamdani;
Wamba dia Wamba; Paul Kagame and John Garang
Comrades in arms who studied together
At the Marxist University of Dar Es Salaam.
And “Both the RPF/A and SPLA waged brutal covert guerrilla wars

Against governments that were considered “undesirable” by Washington,
Both seized land and gained control,
And both insurgencies were covertly backed by
Roger Winter of The U.S. Committee for Refugees—

A pivotal U.S. intelligence asset operating in Sudan…”
A dedicated ally of Museveni, Kagame and Garang.
And Winter’s protégé is Susan Rice,
Clinton’s Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

And Obama advisor.
The ICC, a kangaroo court to try African crimes against humanity
Targeting U.S. adversaries, some set up,
While ignoring Uncle Slimey’s puppets
Until the time is opportune for diplomatic treachery,

Effectively exacting the devil’s impunity.
And Nkunda, Kazini, Kabarebe, Salim Saleh and Paul Kagame
Deserve to be arrested but won’t
Until mass graves choke
The abyss, the abscess left by coltan, Niobium and copper.

“Major multinational corporations [complicit] at all levels.”
U.S.-based Cabot Corp. and OM Group; HC Starck of Germany;
And Nigncxia of China—linked to the atrocities in Congo.
Extortion, rape, massacres, and bribery are

All part of criminal networks set up and
Maintained by huge, anonymous multinational companies.
Who new Sam Bodman, CEO of Cabot during the coltan boom,
Was appointed in December 2004 to serve

As President Bush’s Secretary of Energy?
Or that under Bodman from 1987 to 2000,
Cabot was one of the world’s largest polluters,
60,000 tons of airborne toxic emissions a year?

Who knew heavies from the Clinton crew hired by Sony
Were strung out on coltan?
Prayer beads in the devotions of U.S. corruption,
Barrick Gold, arms dealers like Simax; Lockheed Martin, Halliburton,

Northrop Grumman, GE, Boeing, Raytheon, and Bechtel;
And charities, fronts including Bread for the World, CARE,
Save the Children and the International Rescue Committee—

Corporate interests, profit-based
Mugging a humanitarian or humanistic face.
PR firms and news outlets such as the New York Times.
While around a campfire at the Bohemian Grove

Kissinger muses on the likelihood of his capture
And trial; regales the Mandalay camp
With the assassination of Rene Schneider
And the liberation of Chile
Double crossing the Barzani clan,

Mocking Watt and Ashcroft, Bush and the Rapture,
Nixon, Rumsfeld, Eagleburger and Cheney
Waves of jeering, drunken, calculated laughter.
And in 1996 the IRC charity overran bases

Near Hutu refugee camps in eastern Zaire
And proceeded to shell
The naked, hungry, sick and homeless with heavy weapons.
While Madeleine Albright of Yugoslavia and Iraq,

And Kissinger of Southeast Asia
Are IRC overseers
Kissinger inleague with Freeport McMoRan (FXC)
And FCX is all over the copper and cobalt show in Katanga,

And FCX director J. Stapleton Roy was Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence
And Research under Madeleine Albright,
During the Clinton administration invasions of Rwanda (1994)
And then Congo/Zaire (1996);

Roy retired to join Kissinger Associates. And, naturally, Kansteiner.
And Lawrence Eagleburger, who has past affiliations with the insider
Defense and intelligence Scowcroft Group,
And has been a director of Halliburton Corporation since 1998.

And another Kissinger Associates director, Belgium’s Viscount Etienne Davignon,
One of the Congo’s most lasting and current enemies;
Davignon… directly involved, 1964-1965, in the code-named “Dragon” operations

That installed the “kleptocrat” Mobutu and
Seeded the beginning of the end for millions of Congolese people.
Davignon…a close associate of Don Rumsfeld
Through the bio-warfare production company Gilead Sciences.

The IRC “Freedom Award” for “extraordinary contributions
To the cause of refugees and human freedom”
Has been awarded to some most genocidal among us;
In 1987…John C. Whitehead and in 1992 to Cyrus Vance,

Two men with historical ties to covert operations in Congo
Through their National Security Agency and CIA,
Two men tied to the Maurice Templesman empire
Behind the plunder of Congo/Zaire for decades.

Or the “Freedom Award” to Dwayne Andreas,
The Archer Daniels Midland executive…
Whose company feeds off starving refugees
Through international grain credits.

ADM…deeply tied to Robert Dole and Andrew Young,
The latter counting ADM as his many top clients
At the PR firm Goodworks International.
And Young in bed with client regimes in Rwanda and Uganda.

And in 1995 the “Freedom Award” went to Richard Holbrooke
Who cut his teeth at AID in Vietnam
And perfected his con at AIG.
In 1996 to Madeleine Albright;

And in 2004 to General Romeo Dallaire.

All three essential to U.S. covert operations
And the subsequent massive refugee displacements
And mortality in Central Africa.

Holbrooke and Albright of the black tie and ball gown thugs…

Culpable in crimes against humanity
In former Yugoslavia, Haiti, Sudan and Iraq.
And finally Clinton and ‘Poppy’ Bush receive the “Freedom Award,”

‘Slick Willy’ for launching wars in Rwanda and Congo,

And ‘Poppy’ for “massive state destabilization,
Terror networks, torture, coups d’etat and war on sovereign nations.”
“The Freedom Award” trophies provided by

HSBC bank, GE, and Goldman Sachs etc.,

All involved in Congo’s blood diamonds plunder.
And the Israeli diamond portal Sengamines sells diamonds to
Congo-Zimbabwe,sells diamonds to Mugabea

And the Minerals Business Company without political censure,

Without ICC indictments.
Using Zimbabwe’s special status to evade licensing fees,
The diamonds flow to Thorntree Industries,

A joint venture between South Africa’s Nico Shefer and his Tandan group and ZDF,

Sandrian Mining, Mixen Trading and U.S. based Flashes of Color,
And the Swiss-registered Ibryn & Associates,

And the Belgian Jewel Impex, Komal Gems, Diagem and Abadiam
Which buys from the MBC as well as Sengamines;

Buys from both the Israelis and their mortal enemy Mugabe.

The IRC covering for the Pentagon’s direct involvement
In the overthrow of Zaire by coup d’etat against the shopworn Mobutu

Along with the mercs at Military Professional Resources Inc.,

And Kellogg, Brown and Root.
No need to falsify history or fabricate a false consciousness.
Historical scholarship is preponderantly piecework

Done by think tank, academic monkeys

Frenetic to deny a chance Shakespeare
Unless Bottom be a death camp guard in Cleveland.

To use the throng RKO turned
Du Chaillu’s gorilla skins and bones into Kong,

The studio, like policy makers, worked titles from “The Beast”
To “Eighth Wonder.”
Paul Belloni du Chaillu scripted Fay Wray’s abduction,

Baloney then as much as the Dulleses spy thriller,

Mobutu: Congo’s Big Man.
And like Hollywood, the ape was bigger than life,
Way too big for tiny Fay. You big ape,

Your climax? Your happy ending?

At RKO and the censors sporadic Eros
But certain death is the best they can do.
Sex without penetration your downfall,

While sex between species spells box office.

A subtler Birth of a Nation and the scandalized Board of Censors
Provided the steadier financial return,
While in our dream works documentary about the CIA,

We’re left to imagine the tale told of Devlin or Carlucci,

With the body of Patrice Lumumba
In the trunk of his car.
And “Joe from Paris,” the code name for Sidney Gottlieb,

With his poison Pepsodent sent to take out Lumumba,

And in all the deceit Merriman was left to die
While Ponzoa went out and gunned down the wrong team.
It’s all on the cutting room floor

Or edited into brief 16mm newsreels pointed toward deep space;

Edited the way Google glueboards buzzwords for
Homeland security, an all bluff exercise

In Maxwellian Demonizing, statistical mechanics,
Stochastics and the tyranny of numbers

To demonstrate a photon may fan out into a RICO,
And the outcome cannot be predicted,

So purely by chance and the fact that any experiment is a done deal,

A tautology by virtue of bowdlerized variability,
A long prison sentence may depend on whether
That wave of light purely by chance contains you.

Take Nigel Fisher, Eaton and Trinity, UNICEF executive,

Who is today also a member
Of the Advisory Council of the Diamond Development Initiative,
A program run by and for the diamond industry…

Meant to be tarted up to set Madison Avs slutty ingénue face,

At the feet of corporate syndicated crime networks,
RICOs that for decades have plundered the Congo.
Not to mention, the IRC’s long love affair

With the CIA and NSA, including shipping or transporting weapons in,

And if I know those waste not, want not Agency spooks,
Drugs and bullion out.
And remember at the Federal level

Conspiracy is the most prosecuted crime.

Andy Young, Madeleine Albright, George Soros,
Lawrence Eagleburger, Frank Ferrari, Donald Easum,
Donald F. McHenry and Frank Carlucci

All frequently surface as tentacles of the Templesman octopus,

Like damned souls from Dante’s Bowge,
Snouts keen to assay the stench.
Most…tight with the intelligence apparatus,

All with ties to the flak producing CIA ciphers—

The Africa-America Institute and the Corporate Council on Africa.
With CARE serviced by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

While ICG director Zbigniew Brzezinski advises Obama.

See “Behind the Numbers,” with Snow and Barouski.,
Democratic Party financiers

Like diamond fuck Maurice Tempelsman;
Moto Gold. Mwana Africa. Kansteiner

And his shady paramilitary, Wildlife Direct.
Joe and Jim Ritchie, options traders from Chicago

On suicide watch with
Their favorite consultant, Robert McFarlane,

Made a half-assed attempt to ‘Charlie Wilson’ the Taliban,
Introducing Rwanda to business leaders around the world.

Introducing children to the men who will cut their throats.

Or Mwana Africa’s European director, Etienne Denis,
Who began his long career of impoverishing the Congo
At Umicore in 1974, Congo’s bloody

MIBA diamond concessions in Mbuji Mayi

And the Katanga cobalt and copper concessions
And USAID, American tax money, built the roads and airstrip,
Gold flown out, guns in.

Like the ongoing covert war in Darfur,

White mercenaries, CIA proprietaries and
Their proxy armies and petroleum operations
On the Uganda border with Orientale.

Unlike under Leopold’s 19,000 man Force Publique,

Carved from old mineral, ivory and rubber concessions
Given as bribes by the King
To Nelson Aldrich, the Guggenheims, Bernard Baruch,

John D. Rockefeller and Thomas Ryan plus

3000 pilfered artifacts to the American Museum of Natural History.
Eastern Congo balkanized and retrofitted, the DRC is
“A hornet’s nest of Western petroleum and mining companies,

All linked to international private mercs, local militias,
And the national armies of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo,
Fighting for control of the land
On both sides of the Congo’s eastern border.

Tower Resources, a U.S.-U.K. firm…tied to oil exploitation in Kenya and Namibia;
South African consortiums PetroSA and Divine Inspiration;
And H Oil & Minerals Ltd.

Laying claim to DRC or Ugandan concessions on Lake Albert.
The Deutsche Bank,
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development,
And Congo’s historic enemy, the Belgian giant Société Generale

Operating out of southern Sudan;
H. O. & M. closely linked to Marc Rich and
His Switzerland-based company Glencore International,

Both known for arms trafficking in Angola and Congo
Through Angolagate celebrity Arizona Republican, Pierre Falcone.
And Rich, famously the fugitive Swiss financier,
Pardoned by Clinton and Holder.

And John Bredenkamp, one of Britain’s 50 richest men,
And one of the most notorious global arms traffickers
Involved in Congo, Namibia and Zimbabwe,
While Walter Hailwax, the Belgian honorary consul to Namibia,

Is a director of the arms producer Windhoeker Maschinenfabrik,
And the local director of Bredenkamp’s arms brokerage company
Aviation Consultancy Services Company (ACS)

That represents British Aerospace, Dornier of France and Agusta of Italy in Africa.
While his Tremalt Ltd. paid Congo $400,000 for six Gecamines concessions
Worth more than $1 billion.

“The Kababankola Mining Company, in which Tremalt
Has an 80 per cent share to Gécamines’ 20.”
But George Forrest’s Gecamines concessions form
“[T]he most wide-ranging private mining portfolio in Congo”

With his own arms manufacture for muscle,
New Lachaussée of Belgium, for what one diplomat called his “strategy of attrition”
Linked to Mugabe and the ZDF
Even as Groupe George Forrest (GGF) is in partnership with

The U.S.-based OM Group which runs one
Of the most profitable mining operations in Congo
All the while the U.S. Government and its business partners
Dictate the operations of the ICC.

While Albrecht Conze, the deputy political director of MONUC,
Delirious with Western avarice and anxious to account for
Washington’s paternal neglect declares
Congo “contains neither oil nor terrorists,”

Yet Heritage Oil Corporation (HOC.A – TSE) announced the completion
Of its oil export pipeline from the Kouakouala field at Brazzaville.
And the first petroleum refinery in the Congo—

Owned by Societe Congolaise Italienne de Raffinage (SOCIR),
Italy’s state-owned petroleum company—
Began production near the mouth of the Congo River in 1967,
The crude for the refinery…supplied by Shell, Mobil,

Petrofina and Texaco from Angola.
With off coast oil production beginning in 1976 with
Chevron, Mobil, Unocal, Royal/Dutch Shell, Agip, TotalFinaElf,

Teikoku Oil and the Japan National Oil Company

With recent onshore exploitation near the refinery involving
Total, Pan Ocean Energy (UK) and Addax Petroleum (Canada).
The Yaka challenged Leopold’s mercs for ten years;

For twenty years the Chokwe fought the Force Publique;
And the Boa and Budja, 5000 strong,
Fought a guerrilla war for decades deep in the rain forest,
With, shades of MACV’s Vietnam ‘pacification,’ which

The King called ‘reconnaissance pacifiques.’
And Chief Nzansu ambushed and killed the ‘slaver’ Eugene Rommel,
But, for their kindness, spared the Swedish mission at Mukimbungu,

And wrote one the missionaries, “The leader of the rebels, Chief Nzansu of Kasi,
Has let us know that he does not wish to harm any of us…
But to the men of the state he has sworn death.
And anyone who knows of the conditions out here

Cannot feel surprised.”
And of Rommel’s death, another man of God, C. N. Borrisson observed,
“A man reaps what he sows”
As by deed Eugene had established which was the inferior race.

And Mulamba said sparing Father Achte,
“When I saw Dhanis face to face with my rebelling countrymen,
I trembled with happiness:
It was the moment of deliverance and vengeance.”

And this rebellion was of particular alarm to Leopold
Because it halted commerce to Stanley Pool.
Petroleum reserves were discovered (but left dormant) by Chevron

In the Equateur rainforest in the late 1970’s. The Cuvette Centrale
Concession currently held by Trillion Resources Ltd.
And Canadian mining companies, Nickelodeon Minerals Inc.,
Oliver Gold Corporation and Skeena Resources Ltd.

Trillion and Chevron supporting certain factions
While Congo’s Oil Minister Lambert Mende predicts
“[N]othing less than three billion barrels of reserves,”
But the U.N. sees no evil much less oil.

And in June of 2008 the ICC charged
Germain Katanga and Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui,
With six counts of war crimes—
Fall guys—and soon after the ICC arrest of Jean-Pierre Bemba—

The top brass of the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces
Curtailed their international travel plans
(One imagines a rendezvous with Mr. Kissinger in Madrid?)
And convened a special meeting

At Uganda’s Bombo army headquarters
Near Kampala, in June 2008,
To discuss ways to resist ICC warrants being issued against them.
U.S. soldiers considered above international law

And protected from the jurisdiction of the ICC by the ICC,
The Pentagon having simultaneously directed
The formation, operations and legal precedents thereof

Through the military’s JAG Corps, the legal arm of the Pentagon.

And so everyone who stays out of jail, U.S. forces included,
Does so at the whim of the wealthy few
That have created and sustained the slaughter in the first place,

The baton passed for Imperialist generations;

The murder stretching over centuries.
And the Washington Post, New York and Los Angeles Times… “routinely referred
To the killings of whites as ‘murders,’ ‘massacres’ and ‘slaughters’…

Using ‘atrocity,’ ‘butchered’ and ‘savage,’
While accounts of black deaths were reported most often
As anonymous numbers, entropy supplied by the Rhodesian government.
And only when Leopold’s Force Publique

Hanged the white Brit ivory slaver Charles Stokes,
Did England and Germany seek to wedge the Empire with ‘bad press’:
“[I]f Congo had so cavalierly executed a white man
Think what it must do to the natives.”

And the King countered with the Commission for the protection of the natives
Consisting of six prominent Congo missionaries
Based far from the rubber plantations and scattered over a thousand miles,

Provided with no money for travel for meetings,
That a British member had cautioned against atrocity stories
And that another had observed that the commission had no power,

Met twice and because of the distance only three of the six attended.

Yet the Manchester Guardian wrote, “It is wholly to the King’s credit
That he should have squarely faced the facts of the situation.”

Unlike Archer Daniels Midland, Leopold had his PR coup

Without Goodworks International.
And the Belgiums sang:
Nos soldats vont l’ame sereine
Affrontant un climat d’airain

De l’Africain briser le chaine

En domptant l’Arabe inhumain.
And the western media reported black deaths as anonymous numbers
Abridged and redacted by their very executioners;

Banks and churches,

Engineers and chemists,
Celebrities and media as their ersatz butchers.
And after Maxwell’s Demon and the Occident’s

What’s now more savage than a number?

While John Mill in ‘On Liberty’ drizzles,
“Despotism is a legitimate mode of government
In dealing with barbarians…”

Dogged by the canard for “their improvement.”

And so what is it, that Thomas Lubanga, a black man,
Was the first person shackled
At the Scheveningen prison at The Hague?

Who better than taxon-based Andy Asshol

To vend this new entomology of glib
Hard boiled egg timer guilt.
Charles Taylor, “warlord” and president of Liberia

Was the second arrested. Germaine Katanga

And Mathieu Ngudjolo, third and fourth,
(Though to declare which order would only excite more pedantry;)
The last Bemba, then the Ugandan mob sat down

To recalibrate the white man’s cynicism.

But the U.S. special forces, especially
The black ones have fled
While their CIA handler has been promoted to station chief

And will testify against whomever Langley wants eliminated.

A warrant issued for Bosco Ntaganda by the ICC,
Nkunda’s current Chief of Staff,
Chief of Staff of the CNDP. And next, the prosecutor of the ICC

Applied for an arrest warrant

For al-Bashir,
In keeping with the imperialist smokescreen
Of the “Save Darfur” movement.
And Sanford passed around Washington

Documents that thoroughly jumbled

The International Association of the Congo,
And the vaguely philanthropic International African Association,
The former utterly controlled by Leopold.

Little girls force marched 300 miles; baptized then died.

And mother superior informed the state that they are now
“[L]ittle angels in heaven who are praying for our great king.”
Who is in more need of those prayers?

“[D]ead letters mouth a hole in a privy.”

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees
Fund raising for Congo to the tune of
A Rolling Stones rhapsody to smack

Or as Keith Snow names it,
The current blight of “Celebrity Actorvism,”

With Affleck…trading in moral currency
Or Jolie as a ‘selfless’ fiction working for the UNHCR

When by murdering the members of extended families
Leopold literally created the concept of

Being an orphan among the Congolese.
So see Madame Jolie how murder
Comes to align the bones of your destiny,

From the dreams of a king to become a billionaire and
Disinherit his family.

And not from mere gratitude,
Hollywood goes Beyond Borders
And in turn bloodies millions with its fantasies,

“A film that muddles gun-running CIA operations”

With “humanitarian missions—because
It’s ostensibly for the ‘right’ cause e.g.
Western sponsored covert interventions.”

Globe trotting provincials,
Celebrities from whom the world has fled;

Caged behind velvet ropes, not realizing it is they not us
Who can no longer approach.
There are no fans, just bankers, bullets and coltan.

Clooney, Pitt, Cheadle, and Damon

And their producers Weintraub and Pressman
Form the governing board of ‘Not On Our Watch’
To more deeply institutionalize the structural violence

Whitewashing the war-making and plunder of multinational corporations,

And the individuals responsible for carnage the world over,…
Who use “media celebrities or
Through entertainment and publicity extravaganzas—like

‘Food AID’ and ‘Band AID’ and ‘Not on Our Watch’—

That falsely claim to benefit African people
And simultaneously let governments off the hook,
Obscuring the intent of predatory capitalism,

And creates personality cults

That further entrench white society’s pathologies of
Obliviousness, ignorance, goodness and supremacy.”
Banro and their gold.

Credit Suisse and Starbucks in league with enS[l]ave the Children;

Remarkable fundraising tools, images of starving kids
Freed from their holding pens,
From behind their mothers’ skirts while the cameras role.

“These international NGOs are all here for the same reason

As every other foreigner in Congo—to make money,”
Snorts a volunteer from Kisangani.
“I came here to help the folks and seek work,

But the more I learn
The more FUBAR this place appears to be.

It has evolved into a highly efficient corrupt system.”
Dozens of NGOs collecting billions of dollars,
Charity with gold at heart.

Yet handsome, vain Affleck whines

There are “a real lack of (aid agencies) here,”
And then stumbles upon the truth
“[A] real lack of money going to these folks;”

Conflating the financial condition of scores of portly board members;

The chubby stewards of these “highly politicized” charitable organizations
With the swollen belly of their poster child.

“Every time I clap my hands a child in Africa dies,” Bono laments

To which a kid in his broad Glasgow accent replies,
“Well, fucking stop doing it then.”
While Bono excoriates bankrupt Ireland on foreign aid

U-2 evades taxes in Holland while the media reports “worshipfully

On Bono’s peregrinations around the planet
In the company of the [very] liars, murderers, thieves and whores

Who have run the global economy into ruin”
And raped Africa.

The celebrity “industry that perpetuates and institutionalizes deracination,”
That uses and abuses self-absorbed peacocks like Bono and Affleck

With their distended egos.

“Refugees International, Save the Children,
World Food Program and UNHCR—
All connected to western military intelligence and

Integrated with multinational corporate plunder

Who built the slaughter pens in Kivu.
Robert Weisenthall of Credit Suisse First Boston
And clients Cox Communications, Time Warner and the New York Times

(As Sanford had “stimulated the media in the fashion of the day.”)

All involved in the cover up, funded RI.
Favorable accounts of Leopold’s “philanthropic work

Began appearing in major American newspapers.”
Later Weisenthall to Sony whose PlayStations

Depend upon Congolese columbium tantalite.
And the IRC simply a CIA front aligned with Kabila

Compiling lists of targets ala Indonesia in ’65 and Phoenix.
While 40% of the MONUC 1.2 billion dollar budget

Is used for official travel
Provided by Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE),

A subsidiary of Lockheed Martin.
And the swimming pools and water yoga classes

Filled with white expatriate AID professionals—
99% of blacks excluded.
MONUC…just another faction involved in Congo’s conflagration,

A faction of foreign mercenaries,” Pakastani and Indian

“[B]acked by multinational corporations
That George Clooney praised
‘[F]or the tough work they are doing everyday,’”

On newly U.N. constructed cricket and soccer fields.

Glen Close’s father was for many years
The personal physician to Mobutu,
And Natalie Portman, Daryl Hannah and Sigourney Weaver

Cuddle infant primates for the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund,

The sociopathy of the West coddling its own neotony,
That along with the Jane Goodall Institute

Are two big profit-based ‘conservation’ NGOs
Directly tied to militias involved in extortion,

Land theft and other organized crime in North Kivu.
Quincey Jones and the CEOs of Starbucks, Microsoft, Google and CISCO,

Have made pilgrimages to Kagame, ‘The Entrepreneur President’,

Shielding his regime against criticisms and indictments
For war crimes and genocide.

Obama’s Jim Jones evangelist Rick Warren
Brought the Kool Aid to Rwanda,

Turned a people to into God’s lab rats
Subject to the daft opportunism of Warren’s P.E.A.C.E. plan,

The installment of the Global Church of Jesus Christ.

Rwanda, the first country in the world to implement
The serpent’s oil of the
“Purpose Driven Life and Leadership training program”

On a national scale, as

Kagame presides over the first nation to drink the Kool Aid.
And Geldof, the elder Bush and Andrew Young’s Goodworks International

Men who surely disabuse one of the notion that ‘good’ indeed works.

And Rwanda Rising, the promo starring the butcher Kagame,
Meatpacker Clinton and their pop pestilence pal, Quincy Jones.

And Vangold Resources operating in Rwanda and Uganda,
Connected to Robert and Eric Friedland,

Two of the Friends of Bill Clinton, their multiple interlocking companies
And offshore holdings linked

To the bloodletting in Congo, Uganda and Rwanda.

Their West Nile mining abutting the Acholi concentration camps
And holdings covering 630 square miles of Kenya.

And Morgan introduced a Senate resolution in support of Leopold’s Congo claims,
First sending a draft to Henry Sanford,

And like any lobbyist seeing a chance Sanford added
Any land “drained by the Congo River”

“[I]ts tributaries and adjacent rivers” e.g.
All of Central Africa.

And Maurice Tempelsman, the Clinton/Kennedy family diamond broker,
Democratic Party sponsor and

An architect of covert operations in Africa,

Is the Chairman of the board of
Harvard University’s euphoniously named AIDS Institute
In bed with the US Military HIV Research Program;

Mbeki says beware.

Paul Farmer’s Partner’s in the Health Project
Taking millions of dollars from the Clinton HIV/AIDS programs

—Money rinsed from blood diamonds

And indigenous genocides in Botswana, Sierra Leone,
Angola, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa and Congo.

And Clinton backed the coup d’etat, manufacturing the Hutu genocide.

And Rwanda is the ‘Israel of Africa’ even
As it fuels the holocaust in Congo.
“‘[H]umanitarian’ and ‘AID’ and ‘relief’ and ‘peacekeeping’ to misname

What are otherwise profitable white operations…

Reliant purely on markets, where the commodities are people of color
Who have been uprooted and displaced,
Physically and sexually traumatized, and murdered en masse…;

Another way to justify the exploitation that proceeds both in plain site
([R]efugee operations, peacekeeping interventions, media productions)
And behind the scenes (extractive industries, weapons proliferation,

[M]ultinational dumping [and] covert operations).”
“And a week after Kagame returned from training at Fort Leavenworth,
“He led the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF)

Illegal invasion of Rwanda.
The US military and its partners launched the invasion,
Just as they launched the invasion of Congo in ‘96,
And the recent invasion of Congo launched”

On Obama’s inauguration day—
1500 troops into North Kivu
Using weapons recently delivered to Rwanda

For their equally illegal terrorist operations in Darfur.”
Kagame and his foreign backers pursuing an identical strategy in Congo
As they did in Rwanda, 1990-1994.

…[D]estabilize the region, manufacture chaos, sue for peace while pursuing war,
And use the UN ‘peacekeeping’ mission to aid the predatory agenda.
The final solution is to permanently criminalize the Hutu majority,

Entrench economic and political relations between the Kivus and Rwanda,
And between Ituri and Uganda,
And balkanize Congo—exactly as proposed
By Clinton’s national security insider Walter Kansteiner in 1996.”

[T]ight “with the US intelligence community, Refugees International (RI)—
Like the US Committee for Refugees—
Uses a ‘humanitarian’ front to project American power and nationalist interests

Through hegemonic pressure tactics and direct interventions.”
“Pricewaterhouse Coopers…a shareholder in the corporations
Involved in the niobium/tantalum (pyrochlore) mine at Lueshe,…

At the heart of Rwanda’s ‘Tutsi rebel’ occupation in eastern Congo.
Money and minerals moved through Rotterdam by PWC affiliates,
Alfred K. Knight International (UK);

Masingiro GmbH (Germany);
Helvetia Transport (Germany);
Gesellschaft fuer Elektrometallurgie GmbH (Germany);
HSBC Bank (UK);
A&M Minerals (UK) and

Mettalurg NY (US).
PWC…the dominant majority shareholder of Somikivu
A Congo (Zaire) company in 1984,
Controlled in North Kivu for numerous years past by troops

Under the command of Rwandan warlords Laurent Nkunda and Jules Mutebusi,

Both wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity,
PWC offices worldwide collectively ‘donat[ing]’

A million and a half to UNHCR.”
In East Congo, there are food and grain shortages

Because of, and not in spite of, the United Nations and the IRC
And the World Food Program and its ties to Robert Dole,

Archer Daniels Midland, ConAgra and—
A Henry Kissinger link—Continental Grain.

In East Congo, things decidedly do not go better with Coke,
More common than potable water

With Coke director Donald F. McHenry as President of the IRC Group.
In East Congo, its purpose driven strife.

The western telos is to create chaos,
To drive millions of people from their lands and their agency

To become slaves on Blattner’s plantations, Group Agro Pastoral
Or herded and interned in ‘refugee’ concentration camps

There to die of starvation and disease,
Or become test populations for pharmaceutical companies,

Where every justification is used
—[B]y the white people who serve them—

Before they go off to the swimming pool or a vacation.

To be lied about, mocked, ridiculed, sentimentalized,
Deracinated by the western media.

“[To] create a hopeless and destitute people,…”
“Traumatized, shattered, apathetic, afraid of everyone and everything,

Where even the most vile forms of corporate exploitation can appear,

As slight of hand, to promise solutions.”
“…[T]he hypocrisy…of having three battalions
Of the Pentagon “trained” Rwandan Defense Force

Operating in Darfur
Yet no ICC indictments against a single white man.

With the anticipated, well timed arrest of Ugandan military commanders,
Including Nkunda, James Kazini, James Kabarebe,

Salim Saleh and Kagame.
Not that these people don’t deserve to be arrested

But they “quite literally black out the white war criminals
And covert operators wrecking havoc in Africa”

And elsewhere around the world. The…future fall guys,
The “armed sentries of chartered trading companies,”

And Africa’s “leaders” should take note”
“As should Barack Obama,”

Lest they concoct a campaign to “Throw Out the Trash.”
And with an application for a warrant for the arrest of Omar al-Bashir

The ICC is looking for a neo-colonialist endgame to the Darfur conflict

In keeping with the imperialist smokescreen of the “Save Darfur” movement.
But not a single ICC indictment for whitey,

Who advertises his technological capability and by extension
Culpability in this litany of war crimes,

Crimes against humanity, and/or genocide.
Leopold’s World School of Colonialism flourishes

Despite Williams, Sheppard, Casement, and Morel
Despite rebel leaders like Nanzu, Mulume Niama, and Kandolo.

It’s “a crime to witness a murder or discover a corpse
And not ‘raise a hue and cry.’”

From Morel to Snow and yet the list of western fugitives,
In their masks of purpose, power, wealth,

Progress, technology, celebrity and charity grows.
This is the kleptocracy

That has made money
On these wars.
These are the names.
This is the kleptocracy.

These are the goddamned bloodsuckers.
These are the shiteating motherfuckers.

These are the goddamned bloodsuckers of
Mother Africa.

Carlo Parcelli

The Cairo Speech

President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in part, I believe, because of the Cairo speech. Our media say it was “just a speech” but it was in itself an act of foreign policy. We have forgotten it but the rest of the world has not and it was still being discussed months later when the award was given. Video and text can be found at Huffington Post – bless Ariana, another voice.Obama Speech In Cairo: VIDEO, Full Text

” And who has done more than Barack Obama?” THORBJOERN JAGLAND, chairman of the Nobel Committee.

Three Links on HEALTHCARE


On last night’s The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert took aim at the way the health care reform bill has been impacted by lobbyists — which is to say that lobbyists are dominating the decision-making

As Stephen says – Come out of the closet – say what you really are O members of congress and senators – “whores” – Time for Baucus and the rest to shout out — “We’re here, we’re insincere, Get used to it.

Now is the season for action. The majority of Americans want health insurance reform with the choice of a public option that keeps insurance companies honest, lowers costs, and increases service. Howard Dean asks us to support the campaign for a public option

3.As opponents of reform try to water down or derail the President’s plan, it’s our urgent responsibility to speak out. Will you help make the case for reform by writing a quick letter to the editor of your local paper?
Getting Started

In Memoriam – Helen Codere, Anthropology News – – – – – Judith Irvine and Stephen Pastner

Helen Frances Codere, 91, Professor of Anthropology Emerita at Brandeis University, died in Concord, MA on June 5, 2009.

Born in Winnipeg in 1917, Helen became a naturalized US citizen after her family moved to Minnesota in 1919. She received her BA from the University of Minnesota (1939) and her PhD in anthropology from Columbia (1950), where she studied with Ruth Benedict.

Helen was an independent-minded, tenacious and sometimes feisty person who also had a strong sense of humor and much generosity and kindness. The determination with which she endured a cold-water flat and other hardships of student life in New York in the 1940s also saw her through fieldwork in Rwanda in a year of political revolution (1959–60). Her scholarly independence shows in her resistance to intellectual fads; Lévi-Straussian structuralism was her particular bête noire. She is perhaps best known for her Kwakiutl work, including her 1966 edition of Boas’ unfinished manuscript Kwakiutl Ethnography. Her thorough knowledge of the Kwakiutl (or Kwakwaka’wakw) was gained from both textual sources and fieldwork (1951, 1955).

Helen’s doctoral dissertation on Kwakiutl history, published as Fighting with Property (1950), steered an original path. She was always willing to oppose claims she thought were oversimplified or biased. Despite her respect for Benedict, Helen’s Kwakiutl publications offer a decidedly non-Dionysian depiction. Similarly, in her work on Rwanda she argued forcefully against the views of those anthropologists who—relying mainly on Tutsi sources—presented Rwanda as a functional equilibrium based on a consensus of social inequality,
whereas her analysis revealed the importance of power, coercion and Tutsi–Hutu antagonism.

Although Helen never actually met Boas, she was a true Boasian in her concern for ethnographic depth and detail. Her 1973 Rwanda book’s presentation of 48 autobiographies simultaneously recalls Boas’ interest inlife histories and anticipates anthropological interest in political contestation, cultural fragmentation, and the complexities of the self. Yet, she did not avoid generalizations and theory, as her arguments about power in Rwanda society and her 1968 paper on a theory of money clearly show.

In her academic career Helen held positions in the American Ethnological Society and various faculty appointments, notably at Vassar (1946–63) and Brandeis (1964–82), where she also served as dean of the graduate school (1974–77). She was a generous colleague, particularly kind to junior and women faculty in an era when senior women faculty were scarce and their support especially welcome.

To her graduate students she was a nurturing if demanding intellectual mentor and often a close personal friend. Her witty candor about what “really goes on” in professional anthropology was certainly an invaluable, if extracurricular, aspect of their training.

Almost immediately after Helen’s retirement (1982) her longtime companion Marion Tait, a classicist and former dean at Vassar, was diagnosed with lung cancer. For Helen, Marion’s death was a terrible blow from which she never fully sprang back. Largely withdrawing from academic involvements in her later years, she lived quietly in Concord, MA, doing volunteer work for the Concord public library. Well before her death, she donated her landholdings to the Vermont Land Trust and much of her personal library to the University of Vermont anthropology department, which she was instrumental in creating. Among family members she leaves two nephews, a niece, and their children.
(Judith T Irvine and Stephen Pastner)