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6-28-09 Sincere Hypocrites

Higher kinds of hypocrites

Governor Sanford believes his religion – or tries – to the point of tortured logic and inhumanity.His wife is an excellent, Oh so excellent, person of character, responsibility, excecutive ability.
Oh what a lucky and blessed man he is!

But what a righteious devil is she also – her standards rigid lightening.

No one can OWN another’s sex life.
This is the great horror of the Christian religion.To make everybody guilty and righteous.
And to turn sex into a power game between people, instead of a loving sharing.

Falling in love at 50 is a blessing.

That someone is “faithful” so long is dangerous.
But if someone is lucky enough to be blessed with falling in love – then a loving partner should bless the experience.

What the partners owe each other is the security of knowing the other will come back.

People who spend their time threatening their partners with abandonment – assuming they are partners – are a curse. Falling in love a lot and not knowing your commitments is a rot in one’s character.

So both these people look so good and so sncere – but in fact are both cruel and unloving.
Higher kinds of hypocrites.




Clearly the voices of Dylan Thomas and T S Eliot are part of what Bob Dylan had in his head as he wrote out his songs.
But clearly he neither had their skill or finesse
– but also he had a strength – at least at the time – that made his words stick in the memory of millions of people – far more than ever heard a poem by the other two in their mind.

What was this strength?
It was not just the range of POP culture.
It was a force that could make half poems good.

Yes there were themes – being a loner on his own and the test of that reality – whether true or not.
A gay woman anthropologist friend of mine once dismissed him as consumed by an oedipus complex.
“It’s alright Ma.”
The anger towards spoiled women.
Pretty boy with rouge – ambiguous but not gay
And that wonderful harmonica !

What was the strength. Partly the ability to believe in his poems.
One can say it was the times – people needed to hear a message that he was there to deliver.
Surely these were not folk songs.
Yet what was the message – the message not
just the first message of Blowing in the Wind –
but the message of Rolling Stone –
surely a mean song.
What was that message?

That the structure on which middle class lives were built was/is a fiction – we need to base ourselves on something more.
Is that poetry.
What is the poetry – for it is poetry.

Subterranean It’s all right.
How does it feel.
Lay lady. The answer. Just like a woman. Breaks.
Stranded. Deny it. Desolation Row. Homesick. Blue.How? How?

06-11-09 On Healthcare

We need a public option
where doctors
1. do not get paid by fee for service
2. get rewarded for wellness not illness
(but with safeguards to prevent scams)
And where
1. Where non-profit really means NO
profit – and no padding of the budget.

If a Coop is really to do the job it would have to be
1. national (not state by state)
2. subject to govt control over costs and service and proceedures –
3. proceedures would have to be simple and clear – so the patient can walk in get initial diagnosis and treatment and walk out –
without having to think about money.
(How do Sweden and Switzerland handle the problem of hypochondriacs with no illness overusing the system?)

If these criteria are met – then it would be the same as a good public option
– SO a COOP would merely complicate the process and put another layer of administration and bureaucracy in the way.

We need a real and functional PUBLIC option – financed by a 2% tax – and if the private companies cannot compete with that then they should not be in the business.
They need to offer something that somebody really wants and this would force them to do so.

Govt money more than the 2% tax should be limited to the first five years of the program or for major emergencies by Congressional action (with other checks and balances).

Power to interfere to insure competitive drug prices – and to insure that drug prices are related to the income of the consumer need to be included in any bill.
Incentives for research should be funded separately – to insure that research is for the purpose of improving health, not for cosmetic improvements to existing drugs. Or for advertising etc.
And the permission for generic competition should happen faster and/or earlier.
Mass drugs such as Lipitor essential to health should be moved to have generic competition
almost immediately – with the companies rewarded as if it was a normally popular rather than an essential drug.

Hospital billing and charges need to be made rational, efficient, subject to real scrutiny, simple and clear, not arbitrary, and related to ability to pay.

We need the real thing.
If every other modern country can do it, why not the United States?
I know doctors in England and Scandinavia –
and they are quite happy with their lot.
They may not be paid as much – but they are very comfortable indeed.
And much happier with their working conditions.

SIMPLICITY and CLARITY and relation to income is of the ESSENCE.
But done via a tax – NOT at the time of illness.

And of course all people are to be included in such a plan.
If there is to be a higher tax for people with incomes well over the comfort level in respect to charges and inflation that would be reasonable – but should not be set at a fixed amount of income but with the level somehow indexed.

06 07 09 Television without Comment

Television without Comment

I dream of a Television Station
which will put us in touch with experience such as it can afford to find and research –
or evn what is outside their window
by anyone – particularly people incompetent
to know what they are talking about.
Esential background facts – and if it is
an event, what it is and if necessary
what is going on.

What peace!