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Mandates amd exemptions under George Washington

The very first Congress, in 1790, passed a law that included a mandate that ship owners buy medical insurance, but not hospital insurance, for their seamen. That Congress included 20 framers and was signed by another framer: President George Washington. In 1792, Washington signed another bill, passed by a Congress with 17 framers, requiring that all able-bodied men buy firearms. In 1798, Congress, with 5 framers, passed a federal law that required seamen to buy hospital insurance for themselves. – Harvard Law School professor Einer Elhauge

(I would also point out that the law Wasington signed requiring that all American householders buy a musket, bullets, a bayonet and powder specifically, after debate, did not allow a religious exemption for Quakers.)


LOVE, Mr President

  • Justice and LOVE Mr President.
    Love for each individual suffering NOW in this country –
    each evicted and homeless person
    each long term unemployed and all unemployed or laid off people
    all those who can’t even get a job to be fired from
    each person living in a rotting urban neighborhood
    each kid with a crazy ignorant no good teacher
    each one in a rotting or bureaucratic prison-like school
    each person cut off from knowledge or information to use his talents
    each illegal in a private prison or anyone in a private prison
    each family broken up by the state
    each harmless person hit by a drone
    LOVE Mr President, direct, not just at the edges of what can be done
    Poverty said George Bernard Shaw in 1899 is a CRIME.
    It is still true.
    I have been a Barack Obama supporter since day one but for all the greatness of your speeches, you have still to learn how to look the people in the eye and tell them they have, against all odds, to elect democratic representatives locally in this election.