Monthly Archives: February 2013


Dear Mr President,
If Afghanistan was wet I could call it a quagmire.
Now I don’t know what to call it.
Your outgoing Secretary of Defense was just on TV sounding  the endless logic of the cold war. We elected you to end that atmosphere, not just the war.
But apparently it will have no end. The goals are impossible – there is not even a practical legitimate government in that divided place.
And our very preseence is a major cause of the problem.
We, most Americans, are incapabble of administering “alien” peoples. I know. I have seen Americans overseas in 30 or more different contexts. Everything they feel and believe makes them put their foot in it over and over again – as I have seen for the last 50 of my 80 years.
We have seen the enemy and she is us.
Get us out of there,
Take the losses. We cannot plan or fix it.