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7 This is Shakespeare’s world.

At my age I have come to realize – perhaps the
last 2 months have made everybody realize –
that the best guide to our world is Shakespeare’s
world. And that everything that we see that makes
it look like it’s not Shakespeare’s world is an

Also I’ve been reading the fairly long last stories
of Checkhov that Edmund Wilson organized together
several years ago in an Anchor Book called
_Peasants and other Stories_ . They were written in
1903-1904 just before his death, and are a portrait
of Russion society just before the revolution of 1905,
which Checkhov did not live to see.

The serfs have been emancipated and become, some of
them, businessmen, shopkeepers, engineers – but are still
not accepted socially, and are unsure of their lives.
The factory workers live in “dorms” like animals.
The peasants are still starvingly poor.
And so on.

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5 To the Doctor’s

It’s cheaper to sleep..

Drove up to Palm Beach today to see my doctor
– lucky me I have one.
And it was so beautiful up the coast road and beside the
tall hedges. Everything is all trimmed waiting for the season.
Fresh in motion. Even while finances are crashing everywhere
the hedges seem better off than they have ever been.
And not so much traffic.

Was asking my doctor whether there was a book for teen-agers
and people in their twenties on what to expect from their various
apparently trivial conditios as they grew older, and what to do
to make things as unharmful as possible. Nobody ever told me
that my flat feet would put my knees out of alignment, and make
walking such a pain if and when I ever did make it into my
present age. The same with other body systems with apparently
slight problems.
Now that would be preventive medicine. And it could be done
just with a book – from people who know from experience –
widely distributed.

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4 BALANCE – Not everything has 2 sides

I hate “balance” –
When it comes to matters of fact – no matter how
complicated the facts – then there is right and wrong.
There is no “balanced” way to present this, as if there
were 2 equal sides.

Equal time is turning all our reporting into a farce.

Reporters ought to report. What Where When Who How
and not give opinions based on nothing but their spin on
events. Spin, when they are not even qualified to present
Spin, let along expert opinions.

And “experts” should not be paraded in pairs, as if that
made the coverage fair.

Do 2 + 2 make five or four?

Is Obama a Muslim. For a campaign to say this
is a LIE, not a point of vew.
If he says that I am NOT going to raise taxes on
anyone earning less than $250,000 a year, either
he says it or not. Will he do it? What is his intention?
These are different questions but they are lessing confusing
than the lies being put out there.

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3 Here goes the museum of the American Heritage

The most important indicator about the state of the
economy that I’ve seen recently is this morning’s piece
on Sunday morning on America’s Historic Houses –
where many of them have so much debt that they are
going to have to close. There are 12 000 of them so
there’s too much to be save by angels:
4 milion on Mark Twain’s house
a million and a half here and a million there.
How did this happen? It would seem that the managers
of these places believed in the enhanced value of their
real estate – and felt the pressure on managers to
maximize the value of their property, and so borrowed
on their equity. Like so many home-owners.

If one wants to talk about the financial world and
“main street” how’s this for a clear case — the American
Heritage going down the drain.

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2 Starting Oct 12

OK – so now we start Oct 12 midnite + .50

First comments – on blog writing programs.
Whether its Windows Live Writer or WordPress
they all mess with the lines.
You can’t simply sit down like I am doing now
and have it come out at the other end.

If I try to break a line early then somehow the line
gets shortened and you can’t make corrections without
the whole line setup going awry. Whether in WordPress
or in Live Writer.

Only Posterous – BLESS IT – lets you write simply
and it comes out all right.

But it makes me wonder why if they can do it, all these
other pretentious programs can’t figure it out.
It’s because they think technology is fascinating
and they just can’t put themselves in the place of
someone who wants to write content. And follow
their mood, not the machinery.

Make programs for blog posting that cut out the
distractions. It has been done by Posterous.
Let everybody do it – at least as an alternative.

Now they have to make the FONT SIZE big enough
so I can read it in my old age.


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Only a fadograph – karl reisman’s pages

Only a fadograph of a yestern scene
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce 7.15

There are some special Pages:
1. some articles of mine on Finnegans Wake

2. And some things relevant to Leo Reisman
– see the Caricature by Miguel Covarrubias done around 1936.
3. A graphic presentation of the pages of
Tom Kittle;s Wake
as published in Jamaica in 1876

4. Some notes and photos for a biographical
sketch – People in Time Lost

Life is a collective fantasy with real landmines bullets and wildflowers ,and trees, real obligations, real pills, real loneliness and sorrows,  real pain, real redwoods, and real dreams.
I am trying to write a blog in which I am able to put the ideas, the personal observations, reactions to media and events, beautiful language, music, performances, and other things that occur to me or that I feel strongly about. –
as well as information I think is special or useful
So I can say these things freely.

“The helmsmen of explorations have discovered how to disturb the peace of others, to profane the guardian spirit of other countries, to mix what prudent nature kept separate, to redouble men’s wants by commerce, to add to the vices of one people those of another, to propagate new follies by force and to set up unheard of lunacies where they did not exist before, and finally to give out the stronger as the wiser. They have shown men new ways, new instruments, new arts by which to tyrannize over and assassinate one another. Thanks to such deeds, a time will come when other peoples, having learned from the injuries they have suffered, will know how and will be able/ to return even worse fruits of such perniciousness/.”                       Giordano Bruno 1584

Welcome comments from those interested in what they read

In the name of the former and of the latter and of their holocaust. Allmen.
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce 419.10