Caribbean Articles and Papers

Articles and Papers

1. Research Note: “Cultural And Linguistic Ambiguity:                                Some Observations On The Role Of English-Based Creole In An Antiguan Villagel”  in Dell Hymes (ed)
Pidginization and Creolization of Languages (Cambridge U.P. 1971)
(see longer article in Szwed and Whitten,
Afro-American Anthropology)
Karl Reisman

2. Contrapuntal Conversations in an Antiguan Village(Also in Google Books in   Bauman and Sherzer, Explorations in the Ethnography of Speaking)

3, Review from Journal of American Folklore, 1986 Karl Reisman Children’s Lore in Finnegans Wake. By Grace Eckley. (Syracuse,
N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1985. Pp. xxii + 250, preface, acknowledgements, conventions adopted, appendices (3), notes, list of works cited, index.

4. “And he war” from a letter to Jaques Derrida

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