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    Messages from Tunisia

    Tunisia’s revolt, which was triggered by the martyr Bouazezi’s self-immolation and helped overthrow the “former” president, Zein Alabideen Bin Ali, carries many messages and lessons to be read and analyzed. It is an indicator of the direction of the political and humanitarian compass not only in Tun
  • On GPS this morning – the oldest wine archeologists have found – in Armenia – was ‘probably’ a lot like Merlot
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  • YouTube/Play – Live from the Guggenheim
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      • Karl Reisman The link is empty at present. Individual videos can be seen via if you search around. Will send the complete to close friends on request

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  • Karl Reisman was tagged in Lydia Smiley‘s album.

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  • Alan Grayson almost always puts it the right way “Inciting violence is unacceptable in any civilized society”

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  • When I was in Bali some long years ago every loudspeaker was playing this. Just finally got a clean version – Poppy Mercury – Surat Udangan — may bother you or come to haunt you – hear is an actual YouTube link to hear it.

    Lyric/Composer:Rosyid Soemantri HP Records
  • A classic piece on the regular periodic occurence of gun slaughter in the US

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  • My reaction to the coverage of the events in Tucson – how one self-preoccupied idiot can damage a lot of special people better than him – is described by Jeannete Winterson: “Reportage is violence. Violence to the spirit. Violence to the emotional sympathy that should quicken in you and me when face to face we meet with pain.”
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  • Of course one of the purposes of schools is to limit access to knowledge, but then wiyhout schools there wouldn’t be very many people with a sense of systematic knowledge to be interested in would there?
  • Kyrgyzstan received $60m a year from the US for the use of the base and further fees for allowing Nato planes to take off and land there. At different times, the US sweetened the deal with contributions to Kyrgyzstan’s development. The size of the oil contracts was large by any standards. Every year, Red Star and Mina supplied $300 million of fuel to the base, aggregating to a sum of no less than $2 billion.

    Every Nato plane that either takes troops or runs missions into Afghanistan will leave Manas airbase, just north of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek. In the month of March 2010 alone, the base transited more than 50,000 troops, with contracted companies supplying more than 12.5 million tonnes of fuel to t
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Facebook Jan 4 2011

Karl Reisman Obama’s theory of American unity-Gellner Muslim Society 91 “contrary to the logic of Ibn Khaldun‘s premises, industrial society – a mass of mobile, atomlsed, highly specialised individuals – has exemplified its own kind of social cohesion and identification, working on a new principle which has not infrequently been c…apable of arousing the fervour of broad masses and of leading individuals to make extreme, self-deny

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Of all the great world religions, Islam appears to have the most powerful political appeal in the twentieth century. It sustains some severely traditional and conservative regimes, but it is also capable of generating intense revolutionary ardour and of blending with extreme social radicalism. As an
Gellner on modern vs guild division of labor –

“The operating manuals of the most diverse kinds of machlnes or techniques are written not only in the same language but in accordance with
similar conventions.”                                                  Hmmm! the common unintelligible language


Ernest Gellner has experienced the stark contrast between Open and Closed societies three times, once historically and twice in his own experience (Nazism, Islam, Communism). lt is no surprise that his specification of the uniqueness and lack of inevitability of modern western civilisation is so compelling.
This set of essays is concerned with the explanation of large scale social change. Concentration is on the social stagnation characteristic of agrarian circumstances, the conditions for exit from that world, and the varied social orders that inhabit, sometimes precariously, the modern world communit

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Karl Reisman The humans redeemed again

A 10-year-old girl in Canada is the youngest person to discover a supernova – an exploding star which can briefly outshine a whole galaxy.
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Karl Reisman I want to make it clear that by suggesting that you listen to Mr Saleh’s remarks I am not advocating that we invade Pakistan. Merely that if we are not prepared to do what he suggests in regard to the central government of Afghanistan or the frontier regions of Pakistan then we probably have no business being there at all. The rest is delusion.

December 30, 2010 at 4:26pmKarl Reisman A friend pointed out that Pakistan has nuclear bombs and technology. This may influence a number of decisions – I guess.


Karl Reisman Let’s get serious talking about Aghanistan – watch Amrullah Saleh at the National Press club –
Created by Cable. Offered as a Public Service
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    One year on from the earthquake that devastated Haiti, it may still take a decade just to clear the rubble if work continues at its present pace. Meanwhile the poor suffer, the rich profit, and the show is run by NGOs and other outsiders Toussaint Louverture International Airport has returned to goo
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      Karl Reisman ‎”Pyongyang’s decision to shell a small South Korean island at the end of November ramped up tension in an attempt to restart talks with the US. North Korea is feeling the effects of isolation and sanctions, socio-economic change that the regime cannot fully control, and growing dependence on China” Philippe Pons Le Monde Diplomatique

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      Karl Reisman ‎”With any other parents Tasha’s demands would smell of blackmail. But Ephraim and Rosa are more than equal to the test. ‘I’hey have freedom in their blood and a recklessness for consequences which can only spring from a firm belief in the triumph of love.” Description of the Doner family in Big Sur and the Oranges of H…ier…onymous Bosch by Henry Miller

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      Karl Reisman Big Sur has a motto, coined some years ago when local artist Ephraim Doner stood at a public meeting and proclaimed, “Big Sur is where you go to launder your karma.”
      Big Sur forever from Sunset provided by Find Articles at BNET
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      Karl Reisman ‎”You will live in this world as though it is real, until it is no longer real, and then, you will know as I do, that all your adventures and all your possessions, and all your losses, and what you have loved — this gold, this bread, the green glass sea — were things you dreamed as surely as you dreamed of buffalo a…nd watercress.” Jeanette Winterson The Powerbook p 16

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      “I prefer the hat.” on Michael Dowd‘s photo.
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      Karl Reisman Alex Munthe – A Garden for the soul

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