proposal for a Fweet Addendum Wiki for Finnegans Wake to which all can contribute

sent to FWRead

I am beginning to shape in my mind the idea of a Fweet Addendum Wiki to which all can contribute.
Raphael has done an incredible body of work, and it is reasonable that he wants to be

​​sure that his work meets his standards of what a listing should be.
  But of course no one person, except Joyce himself, can fully understand the range of Joyce’s ​knowledge and his use of that knowledge in Finnegans Wake. And what he did and did not​ ​intend or mean in his own mind at the time of writing.
  But in this sense to create a work to which future readers can refer it really takes the contributions of all of us.
  So the idea of a Wiki which links every page to the Fweet page as a starter,
but then​ ​lets us build in the knowledge which we collectively possess or think we posses about the content of  Joyce’s   text.
But how to avoid SLOP

  That is part of Raphael’s concern, as it has been of McHugh and Clive Hart and others working at​ t​he overall picture.
  Clearly we don’t want mere fantasies or readers’ dreams and free associations posted as notes.That could be another Wiki for those who like such things.

   So how to control the content without being limited to the view of one editor, or even an established​ ​set of editors?
   I would like to propose that anyone seeking to make a contribution should have to have available​ ​textual evidence (by their criteria) for the readings they want to post.
Since there is clearly not room in notes for such a presentation of evidence, I would like to propose​ ​a​ second Wiki or depository for such presentations of evidence to accompany contributions. This would create an archive to which notes could be linked, and would make available to any reader the basis on w​​hich any note was made and which they could judge for themselves. This would end up hopefully as

​ ​a tremendous body of Finnegans Wake scholarship.
  So there is no intent to replace Fweet. But to build on it in a more universal? way.
  In the Wiki addendum there would be basicallly be PAGES and on each page
there would be
  1. a link to the Fweet notes for that page
  2. additional notes by line contributed by the Wiki users.
  3. Certain topic notes – brief background on people and subjects referred to ​by the line notes
  4. link to the supporting evidence and arguments in the archive for the note ​individually or by line or group (such as Australia ​or geology ​on a set of pages etc)

So the responsibility of each contributor would be to provide the notes and

​ ​the evidence and arguments (hopefully not to lengthy) for the archive, as well
as such minimal backgrond items as their notes would require.
One way to keep the supporting material short would be by included links
to articles or posts. So if someone feels the need to make a very long essay,
they could post it to a blog and provide a link for the archive.
  Now to the hard part –
    I am 83, half blind, and go to sleep every half hour.
   There is no way I can do the work – create the Wiki, make it feasible, check
​the links, etc of such a proposal – (or to design software to make the work perhaps

   So I have to appeal to others who think this may be a good idea to put it into​ ​p​ractice.
Karl Reisman

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