Dear President Obama

Dear President  Obama,What is happening to you?

The pipeline, the TPP, blindness on Mexico, deportation, Net Neutrality, Secrecy and data collection:

You seem to be taking positions on all these that are morally indefensible.

Look how many issues there are – and there are more.

Now look at yourself in the mirror and say
What kind of President am I – or have I become?
What horrors am I not capable of unleashing
in the name of fantasized compromises and imaginary possible progress?.

Just like having left the poor and unemployed in the lurch while rescuing bankers,

Let us look at Nafta and Mexico – You seem to accept the Pena Nieto picture of a peaceful and progressive Mexico – with some violence problems.
Meanwhile the Pena government has sold out Mexico’s natural resources –   oil, beach and resort land, and much else which were protected from such vulturism by the Mexican constitutions of Carranza and Lazaro Cardenas.
They have eliminated pensions, taxed the traditional markets to new heights – – one of Mexico’s glories even before Spanish contact  –     and in general are continuing steps to try to eliminate the peasantry of half the country.  And the “progress”  you note is all by US companies not Mexican.
The result has been violence and disorder not peace and development, From Chiapas in the south, where terrorist police.attacks on what is left of the life of the Mayan people have resumed,
through Oaxaca and Guerero, to the total disorder in Michoacan, and  the Narcos all over the north.
Trade agreements such as Nafta and TPP are licences for corporations to gobble up and destroy the remaining civilizations of the earth.They are not progress.
And as a president with ideals you should be ashamed of taking part in such agreements which in the long run also hurt the freedom and quality of life of the American people as well as of the world in general.
Corporate governance  and depredation is not the future we want.


Karl Reisman


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