there is no “world”

   The reality is that there is no “world” – there is only
the process of passing though life. Which partly means
that we are supposed to accept (which most including me can not)
the bloody things humans do to one another as part of a
continuous process of being human.
   We are biological creatures in a biological world – and certain parts of what happens to us are determined by very primitive structures in our bodies and nature. And if our thinking is a part of that biological nature, which it is, then no one has adequately described the relation between
the fantastic things some minds can vision or create and that biology.
It is hard enough to relate those visions to the normal work processes
out of which they arise. Mozart is producing music on demand using the  tools he knows, any way, which works. But the music that comes out of
that process is like a gate to another world.
  Similarly Beethoven and Puccini.
Einstein is a great brain, as was Newton, but what he was
doing was physics – and without all the other people doing
physics there would have been no Einstein.
No one is complete. The more we can see and accept our
incompletenesses the more we are in touch with whatever
there is that is trascendantal enough to keep us on our
journey until we finish.

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