On Edward Snowden


At the moment my big concern is the poetry in the soul and heroism and sacrifice of Edward Snowden to try to get us to save ourselves from the security state that has replaced Jefferson, a plain reading of the Bill of Rights, and the Civil War ammendments as the basis for legitimacy in this country. We have become so fearful that we want all the bombs to explode somewhere else. And so we will acquiesce.
Someone made it very clear that the general architecture of security programs and the legal opinions that are their basis – should be declassified.                 Then particular investigations can be kept secret.
As for the data collected, it has to be kept out of the hands of people who could misuse it – local sherrifs for whom the patterns of calls would make the people involved perfectly clear to them, and future presidents and attorneys general etc. And oversight must be stronger
with a publicly observable and appealable FISA court.
Is this conceivably possible? Or are we actually already in the hands of a structure beyond our control — and the catastrophes that inevitably follow.
Still as I say I think Snowden is beautiful like a poem of what human character can be.
When people in Nazi Germany said they were just following orders we said that they had an inborn moral duty to refuse their orders.
The same applies to Snowden – may God give him peace and a  life.


One response to “On Edward Snowden

  1. He certainly shouldn’t be hanged in Terre Haute for taking the moral highground rather than blindly following orders. Hunging him out to dry as a man without a country, all alone, is also pathetic and has left him open to exploitation by a-hole bunch of countries fo cu-ri-osity about what he nosed.
    I know my human lost a lot of money (like my upkeep for 10 years) because of Chinese spying on North American Communication companies. Our governments need to gather information but the process has to be very seriously monitored by honest women and men to ensure we don’t step in it. I think he tried to do the right thing but it didn’t turn out as planned… and then there is all that we don’t know.

    Woof woof,
    Fluffy Butt
    Do you have any chicken in your fridge Karl, I’m really hungry.

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