ON READING METHOD IN FINNEGANS WAKE by Orlando Mezzabotta  ormez@libero.it ormez@libero.it via lists.colorado.edu

first of all thank you for “fol de rol”, a term
which I didn’t know and which sounds indeed Joycian.

But now let’s talk of  “reading method”, a field I am
particularly interested in. When you say :

“the sucking staff near the jewels seems obvious”

I infer (pardon me if I am delirious) that you
refer to oral sex (a metaphorical lollipop):
we all know what male “jewels” are!Now, if I got you wrong, skip the rest. If not,
some remarks seem necessary.

FW 235.32-236.2 is a description of Lady Marmela,
each element related to her figure and appearance,
in a sort of Archimboldian portrait.
So we have :

1 – switch (a false tress) / marchpane
2 – necklace / almonds
3 – sunday dress / poirette
4 – bracelets / honey
5 – hose / cochineal (scarlet) / b.t.w: Italian “coccinella” (ladybird)
6 – shoes (dancings) / caramel

7 – suckingstaff / mint

Now, since the first 6 elements are certainly clothes
and accessories (jewels), I infer, following a logical chain
(and Joyce is “pure logic”, no matter how masked),
that “suckingstaff” has to be related to clothes.
That is why I suggested a possible corset, which gives
the female body such a “charmeuse” shape. And,
no matter how “sucking”:

FW 236.1 You mustn’t miss it or you’ll be sorry.

Resuming, in shot types (236.1-2):

a – clothes -> full shot
b – jewels  -> mid shot / cut in
c – fan     -> medium close up
d – cigarette -> extreme close up

Now, of course each element has a lot of side meanings,
but the “dominant” image is “apparel”, so each element,
according to my reading method, must be closely related to it,
lest it lose its internal logic.
Certainly you might say that “cynarette” points to “suckingstaff”,
so the image is that of an elegantly dressed young lady
smoking a cigarette. But I am still of the opinion that the first
group [1-7] must have first an “apparel” consistency.

At any rate thank you for your comment. Different opinions
are always useful to check what I may take too much for granted

or what may give vent to fol-de-rol flights. :))



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