The power of words – such as e=mc2 – creates  worlds                          And in those worlds we do exploration.                                                   And bring back results – often in bad  translation –                                and misuse them.


3 responses to “WORDS and WORLDS

  1. As Wallace Stevens writes, “It is a world of words to the end of it.” We honor words by giving them the freedom to play in our presence.

  2. They are all we have – but I was trying also to get at their truly creative power – the journey to Mars for example could only take place in a world invented by physics and information theor and guidance – none of which
    are “real” – yet they are real in their consequences. And what we bring back from Mars, while meaningful directly to those living in the world of physics, only becomes available to those ‘at home’ in a translation or as objects that perform tasks but whose nature cannot be understood in natural language until we build another ‘world’ for them – say in comic books.

    • The part of the E=mc2 that is overlooked is the equal sign. How does energy know what form of matter to create? A leaf, a rock, a man who writes “Finnegans Wake?” There has to be a third component that is neither energy nor matter, that is, a language of some sort, or as we often refer to it in our technological age, “information.” Information is neither matter nor energy, but it connects them in a God-like way. Which is why physicists are discovering that the laws of the universe are more like a dream-grammar than they are like engineering processes. Which is why in the end poets are the rejected avatars of the world, and not physicists.

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