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Concerned Americans should work to give Obama the House and a solid 60 votes in the Senate so he can governhttp://bit.ly/HIJSJi http://bit.ly/HIJSJi


Karl Reisman@Bryllars                                                                                      Mormon takeover of elite culture. #Romney

Life was swell for the old and the poor before “government-centered” Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid came along. #RomneyFact
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Tattletale and other “crimes” committed by Arabs http://goo.gl/rNwIY via @octavianasr  Retweeted by Karl Reisman
12m Karl Reisman Karl Reisman@Bryllars                                               @DavidCornDC It’s all lies (distortions) That’s his way-a fabric of lies to engulf us. How to cut through it without exhaustion? #politics
Nevermind the edges Get at the core. Ryan plan would bankrupt the states. Takeover??   In reply to David Corn

What the French want:  to keep their jobs & social services, earn decent wages, less social inequality, good education system for their children & law&order – the French have healthcare already.

It’s a celebration!!! Happy Hump Day! #ilLuvWed @ 23
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It’s all lies (distortions) That’s his way-a fabric of lies to engulf us. How to cut through it without exhaustion? #politics

Karl ReismanKarl Reisman ‏                                                                          Did you ever see the #Mormon church on Brattle St, Cambridge-snubbing the colonial street with Prairie architecture=Romney        Hollow

The election about the 20th century
– maybe we can skip back.   Before Teddy? How Preppy!
O Romney – Mormons aspiring to or achieving hollow Preppydom.
27m Karl Reisman Karl Reisman@Bryllars @octavianasr @neatorama And many denied the authority of the Pope – Order of the Sacred Heart for example. And short skirts. Hmmm  –
In reply to Octavia Nasr     Nuns no longer wear habits
Romney wants the “FREE MARKET”.
Read POLANYI The Great Transformation
on how that works. #freemarket #politics
Reagan put conservative watchdogs in every sensitive dept within days of taking office. Nixon never dared. = Beginning? #politics
227.19 leaving the vice of the women (flowers) for the anger of the men.
@FW_WOTD Fweet: Bowman-Story of Lewis Carroll 42  Carroll wrote   ‘In the evening they played at “Reversi”‘  (game-captures turned upside down to show captor’s colour)
Some people laughed while Rome burned and Timur the Lame destroyed Samarkand.

@dvrogers Yes, but sometime tears are pouring down while we do it.

Clear Proclamation of what Ryan and the Republicans are doing!! http://origin.www.newyorker.com/talk/financial/2012/04/09/120409ta_talk_surowiecki
Hey #NewYorker      #politics
@MittRomney is stuck in 1920’s
3h The New Yorker The New Yorker@NewYorker                                                 James Surowiecki on @RepPaulRyan‘s budget: it’s an attempt “to repeal the twentieth century” http://nyr.kr/HfZo3c
Retweeted by Karl Reisman

#Mitt #Romney has just announced that he wants to take this country BACK to before #ROOSEVELT !! .                                                   @MittRomney #politics #MittRomney

@Mujtahidd    “If Twitter changes, another network will replace it” http://bit.ly/HcmzuW      Tweeting the Saudi Elite’s Secrets MT @octavianasr    Retweeted by Karl Reisman

I recommend considering a good citizen of Syria and contemplating his options. Would your views on treason hold?
Concerned Americans should work to give Obama the House and a solid 60 votes in the Senate so he can govern: http://bit.ly/HIJSJi #GetReal
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@DavidCornDC assault? or ‘unfolding’ or Exposé
The budget is bad – saying so is not personal, It is revealing.

@anamariecox Santorum is much too prosaic not to have lots of facts – they just are wrong because he is childish and believes every nonsense reply to Ana Marie Cox

Although it is banned in China, paying for positive news coverage is so widespread that many publications & broadcasters have rate cards listing prices.

20 Services Google Thinks Are More Important Than Google Scholar http://zite.to/HIbE8T /kf #fb
Retweeted by Karl Reisman

What are we going to do with all the lies Romney is going to tell us for the next 7 months? @ariannahuff #politics

Nigeria, described as a “democrazy” because of its chaotic society , has produced a monster — Boko Haram. #politics #Africa @Maddow

Trying to find out what Mormons believe, in particular about armageddon. What appears from the internet is mostly that Mormons are confused.

Is Romney’s Mormonism like his political beliefs?

Mormons can be forgiven for any sin, save two:. “and second, killing” – Romney’s foreign policy?

David Fontana argues that if Obama is reelected, he should focus on naming judges to lower courts: http://bit.ly/Ha7IQI

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In Bible #Christianity BROKE the distinction between high and low, while now Christians fight for it. #politics

@JohnWDean Current tried to squeeze revenue from Keith’s presence from day one – instead of doing everything to build major following.

Does the disorder of this country give it any hope of entering the modern world?

Video: Santorum making it up as he fails along: Rachel Maddow corrects the latest wild falsehood from Republican… http://on.msnbc.com/HEBeh9

RT @daniel_lende: Hot Find! Humans Used Fire 1 Million Years Ago – Yahoo! News http://yhoo.it/HbPuv6 /KF #fb

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Are we in a time of growing pains, or of decay, or simply on the precipice of our population and technology? @octavianasr

@Maddow Rachel, And I thought you were a good girl,, drinking hard liquor and FISHING.

10:11 PM – 2 Apr 12 via web · Details

@RickSantorum insults the Dutch, he insults the truth, he insults the American people and the world. He is an insult to God

Rick Santorum insults the Dutch, he insults the truth, he insults the American people and the world. He is an insult to God. #politics

“I feel like Florida and Arizona are locked in a harms race” Jon Stewart

@DylanRatigan @govgaryjohnson All libertarians need to be asked if they believe a corporation is a person. What is Gary Johnson’s position?

@ezraklein @SarahKliff Take a breather before blowing trumpets on such a complex mess. Destratify the hospitals and then study.

Day by Day, In Every Way, it is getting tighter and tighter.

Censorship is creepily all around us. Freedom?

So now “they” have organized an alternative Govt, the Syrian Natl Council, and given it money. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-17578248 #Syria #politics

#Syria: Opposition says Syrian rebel fighters, army defectors to get salaries – BBC RT @TonyKaron: http://bit.ly/HIY4kO  Retweeted by Karl Reisman

Women are no longer funny: shocking announcement threaten to put an end to female comedy! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/31/women-no-longer-funny-sho_n_1393938.html?1333280979 Retweeted by Karl Reisman

#UK #privacy: Email and web use ‘to be monitored’ under new laws – BBC RT @LahibBaniSakher: http://bit.ly/HJw40j Retweeted by Karl Reisman

1994 516,000 workers ‘downsized, ’95 440,000 ’96 447,000 ’97 434,000 – all years of record profits while mkt nr doubled. fr Ho: Liquidated

GOP Is Immune From April Fools Day Because The Absurd, The Unrealistic, The Outrageous, & Like Are Their Daily Norms. A Party of Fools!   Retweeted by Karl Reisman

@dtyler1967 Reality is everywhere to turn your dreams into inspiration.  In reply to Doranita Tyler

Who are these Zimmermans?

“Women have decided that they will no longer be funny.” HuffPost

The Zimmermans are playing the extreme form of Blame the Victim.

If Warren Can’t Beat Brown In Mass. Dems Are In Trouble. Currently Deadlocked, Poll Shows http://zite.to/H6nStE #FightLikeGOP

Retweeted by Karl Reisman

“The seemingly counterintuitive relationship between AT&T’s massive downsizing&its soaring stock price was not an isolated case.” Karen Ho

Live with open hearts, Have faith in your talents,                                               and ask for what you want in life            MT Arianna Huffington

“Mitt spurned her call to come to the hospital to confer a blessing on her child.” Frank Rich http://nymag.com/news/frank-rich/gop-women-problem-2012-4/index4.html

NO #healthcare system in this country. We have no healthcare system.Dr. Claudia Fegan “Everybody In Nobody Out” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37qSJIkwTRs #uppers

Conservapedia-right-wing answer to Wikipedia-scientifically&factually inaccurate http://motherjones.com/politics/2012/03/chris-mooney-republican-brain-science-denial Against Relativity. @FareedZakaria

Spreading GOP Ignorance & Diagnosing the Republican Brain http://zite.to/GXKhqt / Trying To Understand Them Because They Breed         Retweeted by Karl Reisman

Dr Claudia Fegan My new hero!! #uppers

Ronald Dworkin: The Supreme Court Phalanx (August 30, 2007) http://j.mp/HE4Ub5 #longreads #ACA

Retweeted by Karl Reisman

@TPCarney Nobody liked you. You substitute canned words for caring thought. Why don’t you question the whole thing? Money?                      In reply to Timothy P Carney

Chris – look at the tweets – some guests are not constructive, too full of hot air instead of thought. #uppers @chrislhayes

Educate Americans, free corporations from the burden of hlth ins (single payer), stop subsidizing out sourcing. Would generate tax $ #uppers retweeted by Karl Reisman

Forget Carney – not worth it. Problem 1 Insurance is lousy 2 People need healthcare 3 it is interstate commerce. Put these together #uppers

#Uppers The insurance industry is the problem, not the solution. We pay for thousands of workers when we just need a doctor.    retweeted by Karl Reisman

I’m on medicare&I don’t know from one day to the next whether I will be covered on the next expense.They just took away eye doctors. #uppers

Claudia Fegan got it right. What is the point of buying health insurance that does not systematically cover health costs. #uppers

It wld be easier to assume SCOTUS was unbiased if they didn’t use false RW talking points in their questioning. No trust in them. #uppers Retweeted by Karl Reisman

Every problem with the current Health Care Law can be solved by making it #SinglePayer.                        #uppers @UpWithChris                     Retweeted by Karl Reisman

GOP Attorney General Suing Over Obamacare Supports Single-Payer: ‘I Trust The Government More’ http://thinkprogress.org/health/2012/03/30/454261/buddy-caldwell-private-insurance/ #healrhcare

#Immigration and the role of Govt in US- PBS NEW YORK 4 pt 6of9(>7>8) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DGVuKwGBpWg Immigration 1-4 Consequences 6-8 #politics

There ARE two Americas-an immigrant America&a puritan remnant that hates the wider world. Apparently NOT reconciled. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emma_Lazarus

What the Congress & the Repub Party betray now is the promise of Emma Lazarus 1883 “Give me your tired, your poor..yearning to breathe free”

“In 91 Mormons baptized T Jefferson and Sally Hemmings and “sealed” them as married” @billmaher So how can Romney become Pres.??

In 91 Mormons baptized T Jefferson and Sally Hemmings and “sealed” them as married – its insane, but a great premise for a Tyler Perry movie    Retweeted by Karl Reisman

Rachel, will Attorney General Buddy Caldwell come on your show? He says we need government health care. @maddow

Corporatocracy Lunatocracy Crankocracy These people are blindly taking this country to suicide #politics

LAWMAKERS — Why can’t we protect the young from these cruel clumsy institutions of ours??? http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/photobooth/2012/03/about-girls-gitta-seiler.html #prison #abortion MT

Alan Grayson – a wave of the straight talking future. @AlanGrayson Take a look at straight talk @MarkOxner

It looks like @MarkOxner is a truly ignorant man. @AlanGrayson

@ryanbeckwith  Maybe Supreme Court Judges share common experience with the uninsured                                                                         No. They all have complete insurance and assume any worthwhile person must have likewise.    In reply to Ryan Teague Beckwith


@MarkOxner “important for a country to have a single language around which its business and culture can thrive” Like SWITZERLAND – Ignorance

Oxner thinks one country has to have one language to thrive – Like SWITZERLAND – or DENMARK OR – Ignorance!                            @MarkOxner @AlanGrayson

Looking at Oxner’s posts seems the only issue in America today is Grayson.      Guess he doesn’t know what he’s looking at                                      @AlanGrayson @MarkOxner

Current TV killed Keith and his benefit to them by trying to squeeze pennies. @DavidCornDC @CurrentTV And now they will proceed down the drain.

RT @Bizzy_Kid: @JohnWDean – Read this: http://bit.ly/H4AXRW // Hopefully CJ Roberts or AJ Kennedy see it this way.                              Retweeted by Karl Reisman

@ariannahuff Don’t be too nice. There are times when forced optimism is not the way to go.

Alan Grayson “We have to start cherishing our differences.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z58kQhR7RTo #anthropology @Jason Antrosio


“There are cultural splits between the Italians&Northern Europeans, .. that make it hard to have a quiet scientific discussion,” #culture

“it is the specific cruelty of racism that prevents so many from ever seeing Martin as a child.”                                                           http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/03/cruelty/255283/                             Retweeted by Karl Reisman

30 Mar Karl Reisman Karl Reisman@Bryllars Happiestcountries                                                                                                                                        1 Denmark 2 Sweden 3 Canada 4 Australia 5 Venzuela! tied with
5 Finland –
US is also behind Panama Israel Ireland Netherlands NZ

@MSNBC @CNN Giving George #Zimmerman‘s BROTHER! airtime as if he had ANYTHING at all to say about this killing, is a DISGRACE!  #Media putting on George #Zimmerman‘s BROTHER! as if he had ANYTHING at all to say about this killing, is a DISGRACE! Off the AIR! #Trayvon

@ariannahuff Yes Arianna – it’s time to get seriously ANGRY, not just concerned. DISFUNCTION is all around us – except at HP

@octavianasr Angels – They’d better be. Nothing else is going to save us – no matter how long we figure out how to spin it out.

.@Mattyglesias: “Of all the welfare recipients in the United States, the ones who are least touchable are those with the highest incomes.” Retweeted by Karl Reisman

“The dictator was, of course, Rosas” (born on this day in 1793) http://j.mp/Hx4TY4

@ezraklein “We” wouldn’t know happiness let alone be able to measure it. We have to go to Denmark.                                                                                  Tom Lehrer-“Freedom of pleasure- a right unfortunately not guaranteed by Constitution”

@markos Like stories by Charlie McCarthy?      In reply to we need stories.

Change and DISFUNCTION – the chief character of our times. #History #politics #society

@congressorg What is a ‘political reason’? Can you specify it in an accurate general way?

Latest re Wisconsin Governor Walker’s recall vote: Officially set for June 5 http://reut.rs/H6SUAF

New way to corrupt #govt#Justice has lost almost 30 percent of its #tax prosecutors prosecuting overseas #banks http://bloom.bg/He6PD0 RT

Crankocracy http://nyti.ms/Hs9vOF

@alaindebotton Sermon? Where are the drums and the frenzy?  Answer to his invitation to a sermon on his very Anglican  (+ Bhuddhist)  Religion for Atheists – No room for African religion.


They threw god out of politics  in 1700          &    now the Natl Org for the #Family??? &others want to bring “him”? back in. Trash world we live in.

Supreme Court could open door for single-payer health care – The Washington Post http://wapo.st/HuXtD9

Startling But Not Surprising: Chart of the Day: Conservatives Don’t Trust Science http://zite.to/H5s4Vq #p21

Retweeted by Karl Reisman

@HuffPostPol Unless there is cost control and single payer NONE of these will work.  In reply to HuffPost Politics

Invoking Humpty Dumptu but not getting the point My reply                        @ariannahuff @pamhartigan       Optimist. Nothing puts the pieces together – that is the point. The best attempt is Finnegans Wake. Read That!

Make a mental note: Barney Frank told MSNBC that Romney is & has been a ruthlessly dirty campaigner. No holds barred, ever. Has other do it.

Retweeted by Karl Reisman

@Adbusters Well the old world – Europe – had better win. They know more about liviing decently.

“In other words, prejudiced, demented garbage.” All around us.

My Opponent is a Racist, and Proud Of It: http://ow.ly/9XNGQ #p2 #dfh

Retweeted by Karl Reisman

We have just seen 3 years in which one of the most popular and intelligent presidents of all time could not fix the obvious horrors

#Fear in the community about #medical bills. Uncertainty. No clear information. Med Bankruptcy just the tip of the iceberg Nation of Fear

Hey #JetBlue, when a pilot goes fucking nuts mid-air, u don’t have to suspend him u can just go ahead and fire his ass outright.

Why do these Republican crazies who would rob our lives get so much COVERAGE                                                                                                                    #politics #Media @MSNBC

The old boys are still in the courthouse. And we’re taking it seriously . O Let’s be ‘objective’!                          #politics @Lawrence

David Sedaris on what medicine in France is really like http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/04/02/120402fa_fact_sedaris                     @NewYorker #politics @Hardball_Chris

Dentists Without Borders: David Sedaris on his experiences with socialized medicine in the heart of France:                                                  http://nyr.kr/H6nNoz #hcr #aca

“La patrie n’est q’un campement dans le desert.”   Bataille

The tragic #laughter at the ‘purposelessness’ of life. #Nietsche/Bataille


#MEDIA are failing Trayvon. Guy with gun shoots.1st TAKE gun DO evidence, arrest. Who fought who is for trial, not media. @hardball_Chris

The coverage in my Medicare HMO is being drastically reduced – my eye surgeon is being replaced by a cheap clinic. Only SINGLE PAYER #health

Audio is up from today’s oral arguments: http://bit.ly/GTsTqf

@maddow re interview The other thing nobody knew was what the Grendadian invasion meant to the Grenadians.

“It doesn’t take a genius to work out that children love to play shop;             they never say ‘Let’s play supermarkets!’ ”                                                        Jeanette WINTERSON @WintersonWorld MT

@FW_WOTD “disappainted” also a ‘pint’ see all the pub names just above and “Guinney’s Gap” .14

@Maddow Explanation of the Lies? Mormonism isolates people from their feelings I was told by Mormons-makes them deep hypocrites-like Romney.

The Europeans used to say America was a young country. But the truth is, we are a childish country. Listen to us now. #politics



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