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    So, if I buy Harris Teeter brand organic honey, it should be good? You mentioned Harris Teeter as one of the ones tested that had no pollen and then said that organic should be good.
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  • Social network co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy has died. Zhitomirskiy, along with Maxwell Salzberg, Daniel Grippi, and Raphael Sofaer were preparing to launch Diaspora, a social networking site designed to be open and decentralized. He was 22. http://dthin.gs/vukhmx


    Social network co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy has died. Zhitomirskiy, along with Maxwell Salzberg and Daniel Grippi were preparing to launch Diaspora, a social network designed to be open and decentralized. He was 22.
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  • Conformist rhetoric is one thing, but the rifles are the Orwellian reality.

    Police attack Occupy Chapel Hill with assault rifles. Photo Charlotte Observer

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      • Bill SheaIf im not mistaken, the cops were clearing out a violent anarchist splinter group that was trying to coopt the Occupy movement in Chapel Hill. Im seeing conflicting info on this, but it wasn’t SWAT members going after an Occupy camp. With black bloc tactic anarchists, I think you have to be fully prepared.

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      • Bill SheaAlso, of all the cities in the US with an Occupy camp and a history of civil unrest (1967 riots), here in Detroit there is zero police presence any more at the camp here. Was early, but it stopped. The camp here is peacefully breaking up.
  • Response to the ‘Technocrat’ takeover of Italy and Greece http://bit.ly/tmR2kf


    ‎30 years ago it was already clear that there were two Europes. That the noble idea of a united Europe had been turned into big business vs the small farmers and shopkeepers who gave Europe its QUALITY of goods services and oranization. But that system also gave it two World Wars.
    But the sacrifice demanded of small independent people was very great. And the losses to world culture were also great.
    Just one more failure of big institutions to create a valuable society, instead of a hectic mess.So now we bring in the Technocrats and the power of the banks. It’s not only not democratic but it may not even work. More suffering by people who are not tied in their souls to big organization culture. And a test, perhaps, of how well large institutions and their rules are going to be able to interact constructively with the thousands of non-bureaucratic cultures of the world.

    They already destroy traditional people at a rate probably faster that we are destroying other species.
    Everybody has to do better. But they may not. And it may be easier to kill and starve millions and millions of people or wreck their lives than to make a humane society for humans.
    As Randy Newman said decades ago – “We’ll set everybody free” (George Bush’s motto which the Free Iraqui’s may treasure in their own fashion.)

  • Why, I’d horse-whip you if I had a horse. – Groucho Marx

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  • Henry Chen and Eishiro Ito commented on Eishiro Ito‘s link.


    Sein «Ulysses»-Lesezirkel ist seit bald 30 Jahren eine literarische Institution in Zürich. Zum Auftakt der neusten Runde überraschte Fritz Senn, Gründer und Direktor der James-Joyce- Stiftung mit einem dramatischen Spendenaufruf.
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      • Cheryl Temple HerrBottom line is that the UBS endowment is over and won’t be renewed, leaving the JJ Institute without funding. I’m guessing that the needed endowment would be in the millions? A terrible situation.

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      • Eishiro Ito

        Yes, it is very terrible. I remember that at the 2010 International James Joyce Symposium in Prague the staff of the Zurich Foundation actively encouraged the participants to join “The Friends of the Zurich James Joyce Foundation” mentioni…See More
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      • Henry ChenAn endowment may be needed long term, but for now, what is needed to pay expenses on an ongoing basis?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq3BYw4xjxE


    We Are The Many Lyrics and Music by Makana Makana Music LLC © 2011 For more info on the song and the artist, visit http://makanamusic.com/ Coming Soon: Free s…
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