Tweets Nov 12 Repub War-The limits of Journalism-and eduction-Senator Lasagna

I have just been told 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987, 654,321 (Sonja Jankov)
@DavidCornDC The Berlusconi supporters (‘Northern League’) have names like – their boss is Umberto Bossi, &  Senator Bob Lasagna.
@UpWithChris Last night made it astonishingly clear, if you vote for a Republican you are voting for WAR.
I hope the country is scared out of their pants.
@DavidCornDC re crashes. Hell, They are ALL crashing. Could imagine who would have the nerve to entrust this country to these people.
Perry is sneezing, only he thinks he is saying ‘Virtues’. @anamariecox @DavidCornDC
@anamariecox Huntsman is the only one – except Paul – who does not want to go to war with EVERYBODY.
These guys are NOT funny. @DavidCornDC
@anamariecox And Newt wants to go to war in Pakistan. These guys are worse than a nuclear bomb. These guys are scary.
 And they asked Perry to ‘explain’ Pakistan!

——————                                                                                         HEy – All these creeps, except Paul, want to go to war. Keep them out of the presidency. This is criminal and stupid. Who are we?

Dawn Upshaw singing Debussy/Verlaine C’est L’extase…
@MacNeva_Eva Yes – but for combination of expression and exactness look at Joyce’s Finnegans Wake
@maddow For God’s sake, Isn’t Michigan’s Take Over law Unconstitutional. Who is bringing a case? Tell us.
Markos Moulitsas
markosMarkos Moulitsas

 Here are 10 awesome stories of people moving their money from the big banks, despite bank efforts to stop them.…
@markos Gingrich? Sad.


And I had the nerve to teach German history to bright students, while I had no inkling how incompetent governments could be. Shame on me.
#DavidBrooks “It is wrong to look down on other faiths on the grounds that their creeds are erroneous.”
Uness you are a fundamentalist
@chrislhayes Brooks made me sad.
@ariannahuff Is this the true face of Journalism?
Why Obama will be punished in 2012 – He has made us face the total DISfunctionality of the US as a nation.
@kiemnews The poop reporter needs to be fired&her editor if authorized this. She has no place in the news business. This arrogance by a “journalist” is the worst Should be used in journalism schools And Stupid. Thanks
A lesson in journalistic ethics and the arrogance of some journalists in the world today. Brutal
Christopher Hayes
chrislhayesChristopher Hayes
“Who pooped on the bank?” “I’m telling you the banks pee and poop on us everyday.” Best #Occupy video yet.

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