CHANGING the LAWS that Create Corporations

Occupy Wall Street has shown us the source of the corrupt power at this time – the CORPORATION.                                                                That is the FIRST great contribution.
But you don’t FIGHT the corporations – You must CHANGE them and MAKE THEM USEFUL.
HOW? By CHANGING the LAWS that Create them.
Corporations are creatures of STATUTE.
There is no Common Law of corporations,
they are instruments licensed by the state!
Some parts of OWS are VERY idealistic – they want to eliminate all the corruption caused by POWER
But where there is POWER there is always corruption&lies;.
change its NATURE –
It must serve MORE than SHAREHOLDERS
It must NOT be a PERSON.
The Laws that make Corporations MUST
have built in OBLIGATIONS
to the PUBLIC,
to the ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL COSTS they create.

In their present form Corporations no longer contribute positively to the world. They are murderous. They need to be changed.

And in spite of their power they can be,

When the goals of Corporations are no longer inherently corrupt then they can begin to serve society.

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