Sept 29 11 Tweets

Reaction to my mail. Shocking, I say, #Shocking. Why are we always “shocked” by what we have known for a long time?
@TheFlaCracker You live in a fictional world, while all around you people are dying and starving and suffering disasters. But do you care?


Steven Benner is going to talk about the chemistry of extraterrestrial life at Yale next Tuesday.…
@carlzimmer Ah, Reality at last.


Octavia Nasr
octavianasrOctavia Nasr
Onion Reports Fake Shots in Capitol: Did Satire Site Go Too Far? RT @mashable:


 Taxation: revenue maximisation vs. the politics of envy, Michael Bullen
 “He lives the same way he rides his bike, paying far more attention to what’s ahead than what’s behind.” about Arnold Scwarzenegger in “California and Bust.” by Michael Lewis
Arianna Huffington
ariannahuffArianna Huffington
StyleList Home: How to Make Hilarious Finger Puppets… #beyondleftandright


StephenAtHomeStephen Colbert                                                       Scientists have found a way to encode secret messages in bacteria. So keep it up, disgusting slobs – it’s a matter of national security. —————–

Ezra Klein
ezrakleinEzra Klein
The Grapes of Wrath and’s Lehigh, Pennsylvania warehouse:
“I Can Find an Indicted Warlord. So Why Isn’t He in The Hague?” @MacMcClelland, @MotherJones v. @NickBaumann #longreads
Isn’t the risky investment&underfunding of #Pension funds and Health Care plans by local #govts a case of criminal mismanagement and fraud?


Have you seen the number of #right wing blogs that spend large amounts of time reacting to and and making up nonsense about Paul #Krugman?
Dr. Michael Breus
thesleepdoctorDr. Michael Breus

by ariannahuff
Sleep deprivation is a method of torture in some countries, why do we treat it like a badge of honor? Something…

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