Tweets Sept 17 2011

———————                                                                                        HPV vaccine-the right thing in the wrong way for the wrong reasons. Is this better than the wrong thing for the right reasons?  ———————                                                                                    What is the rationale for Money influenced vs money Supported RESEARCH. We know it’s there. But How does it make good research? @Science                                                                  ———————                                                                                      The STRETCHING this society =@Esquire&@TomJunod will go to, to attack one of the GIFTS given to our culture and video waves @TheDailyShow                                                            ———————                                                                                        Gore Vidal Hollywood home – pics ———————                                                                                        Carter: ‘We never dropped a bomb. We never fired a bullet. We never went to war’ @longreads                                   ———————                                                                                         If Romney had bad judgement to choose Bachman as VP candidate I would not vote to have her in line to be President                      @Romney ———————                                                                                     Gadaffi’s last stand – like the Alamo. There must be another way – and we are supposed to spare civilians. @octavianasr              ———————                                                                                                    Welcome to Saturday Chris Hayes. But make it an hour later.  @MSNBC                                                                            ———————                                                                       Index page for 24 hour Climate Reality Videos. ———————                                                                                         Here’s a glimpse of intercultural problems in modern societies                                                                        ———————                                                                         “designers making industrial objects beautiful” – beautiful or beautified?                                                      ———————                                                                                   “People who shut their eyes to reality simply invite their own destruction, and anyone who insists on remaining in a state of innocence long after that innocence is dead turns himself into a monster.” James Baldwin (via Chris Hedges) ———————                                                                                   “Last night the greater part of central Berlin was destroyed.” Marie Vassiltchikov, Berlin Diaries                                                 ———————                                                                                        But see experiments on why simple attack on these candidates won’t change rightwing minds Mother Jones       ———————                                                                                Interesting point raised by Brit part of @ClimateReality:what is involved in anti-Science+anti-Brains is really anti-#REALITY.  ——————–                                                       … ‘Obama bigger tax cutter than Bush 1 GOP critics won’t give him credit 2 tax cuts don’t help economy’ Kos ———————                                                                                         “THE leading holders of foreign exchange reserves-China Japan Brazil Saudi Arabia” They have all the money.                       ———————                                                                                 When third world countries refused to adapt to modern economies they were called primitive. Italy? Spain? Greece? Iceland? ———————                                                                                        To be forceful the President has to be seen and believed to be speaking from the heart. These shifts don’t really work.


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