Sept 5 Jobs lose authority, scripts prepare for robots

Fareed Zakaria
Enjoy the day off!
One thing that doesn’t seem to have anything to do with #US growth is our brutal work schedule.


@CarlZimmer points to fantastic rev of $8,000 audio cable – 37% of by top 5% incomes-funny review


“The fact some of the mix in the Libyan movement are less than attractive is part of this same messy reality”
@octavianasr The more “human” the con, the less human the process. Jobs lose authority, scripts prepare for robots.
reply to her report on Design conference talk that products are
now being presented with a more human face. More “openness”etc
Computer products are beginning to develop a new psychology – ““I see – I want – I Get”. What this will do to an already impulse society ???


Octavia’s Website and Blog – really good!
BBC Vandals attack Rome monuments. And the Ostrogoths and Visigoths are close behind.
@ariannahuff The truth about Rick Perry-a Snake Oil huckster. He looks like one-even more when he is off guard.And that’s what he’s selling.
Actually Perry makes us see clearly what is being sold — Snake Oil.
When I see Rick Perry I am reminded of a turn of the century novel. A Medicine show huckster. Is this what we really are? @richardwolffedc


Ah! Know your place — How did we let this racist obscenity loose again. Put it back in its cage. Who ARE we? @richardwolffedc


@octavianasr @mathewi obsol2-’60 minutes’ with Assange, interviewer terrified he might say anything approving. CBS tradition-Hah!
@octavianasr @mathewi obsolete? What I notice is that while papers always cowtowed to the powers, in TV it is more grotesquely obscene.
@ezraklein jaywalking – ah Scandinavia
‘The 5 percent of Americans with the highest incomes
now account for 37 percent of all consumer purchases’
Moody’s Analytics
Imagine New York City with all the skyscrapers
designed by Frank Gehry.
See Rachel and Richard on the depth of moral corruption in our involvement with torture – why wouldn’t Obama prosecute?

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