Some twit Aug27

Old age is when you don’t try for permanence anymore.
“I don’t like hoodlums.” “That’s just a word, Marlowe. We have that kind of world . . . and we are going to keep it.” Raymond Chandler
Kaputt By Curzio Malaparte
Old age is when you tell yourself ‘I am kaputt’.
Letting a hundred flowers bloom is letting the crazies terrorize us.
@ezraklein “What Bernanke would say. . . a few shots of Beam” We NEED a vacation.
“But despite the scientists’ best efforts, their report is unlikely to have any impact on the frustrating debate” We NEED a vacation.
“The etymological root of the word vacation is the Latin vacare, to be empty, to be free” John Berger

Chapter1 of Robert Browning’s 1976 The Emperor Julian has a description of that Govt adrift amid change and inflation
“FREEDOM Defined By Cash Back Rewards”’those six crass words,to a 16-year-old, sum up exactly what has gone wrong with America’@AlanGrayson

LHC results put supersymmetry theory ‘on the spot’

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