Denmark is the opposite of Rick Perry’s Texas or Romney’s  superficialism – a place where
“where few have too much and fewer still too little”

Denmark-Where ‘sensible’ is a praise word, where intelligence and skill are valued but stars don’t get too much attention.

Denmark-Where care for health and the aged have been part of society throughout the 20th century.

Denmark-where a sense of humor is part of daily life.

During the eighty years of my life while wars and chaos have reigned around Denmark has been a beacon of sanity and kindness.

Denmark is not an ideology-and when others have looked to it they seem not to have understood it.

Denmark Perhaps its decency and kindness are not exportable, but we could try.


One response to “DENMARK

  1. Alll this is true — and more! Smoked eel, rugbrød, pickled herring, Gamle Ole, and two shots of your Gammel Dansk for breakfast. That’ll row your boat to Dublin and back!

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