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  • The preacher “preaches emotionally on the text of the Apostle, ‘God chose the lowly and despised’ – and nobody laughs!”” Kierkegaard
  • ‎”mopping and mowing, as I heard the expression used; in a word, absolutely insane.” Sir Walter Scott· LikeMichael Dowd and Bob Robertson like this.
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  • Someone finally gets the relation of Europe and US clear.


    Watch Real Time with Bill Maher July 29, 2011 Clip: New Rule – It Gets Better and other videos including episode recaps, previews & clips on HBO.com.
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      • Bob RobertsonThis is classic. Socialism and enterprise are NOT incompatible, but Americans only see Iron Curtain imagery.

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  • Internet under attack – of course. Fight it. See video. Write.


    Act now: Under a terrible new Internet censorship bill the Department of Justice could force search engines and service providers to block users’ access to websites, and scrub the American Internet clean of any trace of their existence. Please click here to email your lawmakers right away.

  • ‎@JesseJackson-this morning used a phrase-antiObama MANIA-which for me explains the mysteries of the 2010 vote&the Rep Strategy-basic racism·           Like ·        Bob Robertson likes this.
  • Patricia Moro’s reply to Senator Rubio who wrote her advocating the Defence of Marriage Act.
    First, I believe in LOVE. GOD IS LOVE. There are many “normal” marrages in which people have dogs. They kiss the mouth of their dogs, they hug their dogs, they sleep in bed with their dogs, If they could marry their dog, I am sure they would do it. Then humans love humans, humans love dogs, Let them enjoy life and love.The punitive regulation of poverty Heavy critique of the nature of our society (not the only one possible)


    How and why has the prison returned to the institutional forefront of the advanced societies, when four decades ago analysts of the penal scene were convinced it was on the decline, if not on the path toward extinction? In my book Punishing the Poor, I make three arguments to resolve this historical

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