July 9 Tweets

@carlzimmer Is there really any such thing as developmental contraints-or are we making up a story?
Stories about child placement counseling — Don’t listen to ANY predictions about young children – from ANYbody.
Is there news besides catastrophe? Isn’t it time to work out a new philosophy of what is news? How beautiful and informative news could be!
@Hardball Chris,don’t let oneside hog the conversation. Turns. And let talker (David Corn) finish a clear thought before you cut them off.
We can’t find jobs for people. We can’t stop refugees suffering and the most vicious kinds of torture. Of what use is the modern world?
@Open Democracy
Ronald Reagan and America: the real legacy, , Godfrey Hodgson http://goo.gl/fb/6xITo



Ghaddafi’s son’s house in France bit.ly/lLjCNu
“97 percent of American scientists say that climate change is happening” @algore, but only13 percent of Americans ‘know’ this (Yale study)

“the National Academy of Sciences . . .is firmly on board with climate change. It has been for years.” @algore

Al Jazeera “Struggle Over the Nile: english.aljazeera.net/programmes/str…

Google and the British Librart will digitise a huge range of printed books, pamphlets and periodicals dated 1700 to 1870 bit.ly/lvv4tv
Courtney Martin
courtwritesCourtney MartinSandal:
42% of those born in the bottom 5% will stay there. The American dream is alive and well…in Denmark. #aspenideas

Paul Krugman

Paul Krugman Lecture at Keynes Film Festival http://nyti.ms/iJmmlk
Eugene Robinson
Latest column: With U.S. drones operating in 6 nations, time to debate robot-war-by-assassination: wapo.st/l5c5rR

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