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  • The so-callled Republican party is now the last gasp of racism and caricature economics. A mighty effort before, hopefully, time sweeps it away. They started the Civil War. Why don’t they end it and die with its end. What is the new party coming. Or does this country have enough independent thinking left to create one?

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  • What is the white on the walls of the Matisse Chapel in Vence – every photo is different. But what a lovely white it may be.
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      • Michael DowdMy mother told me that when I went to the south of France I really should see that chapel. I had not expected something so modest and understated, a tiny building next to a small road, but after I’d been inside that lovely quiet space for even a few minutes it became magical.

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      • Karl ReismanYes – I visited it some 20 years ago, but the sisters coralled us in a crowd and led us through – so it was sort of noisy. But I have always felt it was one of the great works of art or faith or whatever it is.

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  • Amira Hass interview on CBC Sundat – only Israeli journalist to live in the occupied territories – “I keep finding new ways to express anger. I don’t want to repeat myself.” http://bit.ly/4zgYvy


    Hour One – Amira Hass has perhaps the most dangerous beat for a reporter in the world. For the past 18 years, she has reported from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, Israel’s occupied territories.
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  • Republican Leadership Conference – This country was born, and it wants to die – a slave society.


    The nation’s GOP elite gathered in New Orleans this weekend for the Republican Leadership Conference. In attendance were presidential candidates Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, and potential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Prior to a speech by RNC Chair Reince Preibus, an Obama impers
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      • Michael DowdI didn’t think much of Bachman, Gingrich et. al. but that is wildly offensive and disgraceful. Unbelievably racist.

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      • Michael DowdWonder what Mass. Republican Senator Scott Brown will have to say on this? An apology Monday morning would be good, and a request that the RNC chair apologize as well.

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      • Karl ReismanYeah – but the RNC is not ‘responsible’ for the RLC.?

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  • ‎”Liberal Press” Bah! They kill their own. Spitzer Wiener.- ‘Christian’ morals – never ends.

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      • Michael Dowd

        It is a curious reality that many of the same Liberal commentators who defended Clinton’s real sex behavior want Weiner to leave for email sex. But how can one start to explain the “Born Again Christian” Eric Cantor (R) saying Congressman W…See More
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  • Review – history of modern lit crit – of Bloom The Anatomy of Influence – by Sam Tanenhaus


    At the age of 80, with almost 40 books behind him and nearly as many accumulated honors, Harold Bloom has written a kind of summing-up of his monumental career as a critic and scholar.

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