Someone asked me 2 questions. Replies

Question 1

As for BANKS – I just spent two hours trying to deal with
an “Urgent” message sent me on a secure channel by my bank – Wachovia – which I could not reach because the link to it was hidden in a list of small print in the lower right hand side of the screen.
And which when after many phone calles to Wells-Fargo who could tell me nothing, when I finally got the message it told me about something I could not DO anything about for 4 weeks. Truly urgent.
Everybody is much too specialized and robotic for the system to survive at all.    Including EYE doctors.

It is my impression that when GW Bush took office the US banks represented about 22%  of the US Economy.
And that now they represent about 66% of the US economy.
Clearly something is wrong.

And this octopus is expecting the so-called “people” of Ireland and Spain and Iceland and “Greece”  to make up for all their numerical chaos selling fake products
(see The Big Short by Michael Lewis and the Harvard Senior thesis the CDO Market Meltdown  by A. K. Barnett-Hart 2009)

And yes – if there is a chance for the finance people to design an
artificial product that will tie Greece to them to Europe or anybody else,
they will do it.
There ought to be a law preventing all but a limited list of
basic financial products.
But that would “limit the free market”.

Basically I think
That corporations are not “persons” and should not have the protection of persons.
That corporations are made only accountable to their shareholders – and that this is no longer a viable way for them to be organized. They need at the least to be accountable for the long-run costs of their operations,
no matter how unpredictable these may be.
And that it is people who need to be “rescued”.

So much for banks. Except to say that JP Morgan was a lot more efficient than the present system, (not to ignore  12 hour
child labor and other such niceties).

Question 2
As for Joyce.
Ulysses gets its ratings because its IDEA is more directly accessible to the “public” – including the people on the committees that choose these things.
I think that Joyce already thought that Finnegans Wake was more important and that Ulysses was “past work”
The immensity of the thinking in Finnegans Wake is beyond contemplation – and is alreadly lost in time, like the Buddha.
Joyce in this sense seems out of time – and was already enjoying it all while alive, somehow knowing – or giving the illusion of knowing – the past and the future, laughing and
at the same time weeping, for the world, for his daughter, and for the human race, and feeling “crucified”.

So let us laugh.

You suggested we read other classics – not just Joyce on June 16.
And let us start – why not – reading at least the Illiad online
every year – WHEN. How do we pick a date?
Dante is much harder.  I recently found an Italian animation
“Dante.s.Inferno.An.Animated Epic.2010.Italian”,                                            which comes fairly close to making Dante somewhat available to me – although I doubt I shall ever achieve it.

It is much clearer when read aloud
particularly in Italian – which I don’t much understand.
so maybe we could broadcast the reading that already exists
Please pardon my ironical tone throughout this letter.

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