June 11 2011 from Facebook

  • Review – history of modern lit crit – of Bloom The Anatomy of Influence – by Sam Tanenhaus


    At the age of 80, with almost 40 books behind him and nearly as many accumulated honors, Harold Bloom has written a kind of summing-up of his monumental career as a critic and scholar.
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  • Greece


    Here are the hard facts about the ongoing crisis in Greece. Fact one: After over a year of trial and error, Greece’s bailout of 110 billion euros has not worked since the tough austerity measures that were imposed upon Greeks have failed to significantly eliminate deficits; instead, budgets remain o
    The world is not all bribery corruption war and massacre – just mostly. There are some socially and politically beautiful moments that we must treasure – and of course hope.
  • It isn’t true that a watched pot never boils; it just takes longer.
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  • Gregor Shapiro Kvällen är ung – Long days are one of the great beauties of the world.
    “beautiful – OK so you have long…” on Gregor Shapiro‘s photo.
  • “Aristocracy can only go so far….” on Michael Dowd‘s status.
  • Obviously necessary after the Bush cuts for the rich and since.


    We cannot shred the social safety net when it’s most needed. It’s long past time to require the super wealthy to pay their fair share.
  • Who needs a bank? Johnson #Open Democracy Can Bitcoin (http://bitcoin.org/) work? http://t.co/wZBOxud
  • www.opendemocracy.net

    Peter Johnson has worked in technology companies and financial services and is a member and trustee of the New London Chamber Choir. He is also a consultant for KidStart and a trustee of Siblings Together. In 2010 he founded a parent group that recently applied to found a bilingual primary free scho
  • Europe and the Heroism of Reason (Husserl 1935) from “Open Democracy”
  • www.opendemocracy.net

    Jorge Semprun’s experience of exile and incarceration, political engagement and imaginative writing meant that he both lived and reflected on the disasters that befell Europe in the mid-20th century, Here, he seeks the heart of Europe via a journey through three moments of its modern history.
  • corporations are not persons and money is not speech – http://movetoamend.org/July4
  • movetoamend.org

    Join Move to Amend this 4th of July as we Declare Our Independence from Corporate Rule in communities across the nation!

    ‎”chilling new Al-Qaeda video – “lone wolves” in the U.S. should buy assault rifles and carry out wave of shootings”


    Al-Qaeda’s spokesman and Bin Laden’s possible successor tells lone wolves in the US to exploit gaps in our guns laws, buy assault weapons and launch a wave of mass shootings.

  • “Cosmetic surgery and allied procedures were less hard hit by the great global crash than many other businesses. Women saw their faces and bodies as assets needing investment to help them in a tough market” LMD Mona Chollet
  • So we are finally in that science fiction world.

  • “Fear of Islamic fundamentalism exonerated Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali’s predatory regime in Tunisia, fear of “Marxism” justified Silvio Berlusconi’s victories in Italy. And a (legitimate) fear of the Front National (FN). . could mean that any policy the FN is against would become sacrosanct in France.. . To accept this intellectual straitjacket is an act of political folly” Serge Halimi Le Monde Diplomatique.
  • Karl and Alan Robert Roughleyare now friends.

    As Tom Lehrer once said “Freedom of PLEASURE, a right UNFORTUNATELY NOT guaranteed by the Constitution.”

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