Some Tweets – May 27 11

Jazz Studies online-John Szwed-Columbia, Center for Jazz Studies Aims to broaden thinking about #jazz.#music
richard engel
richardengelnbcrichard engel

 #Libya, MSF evacuates zintan after repeated shelling
BryllarsJBryllarsA key to Twitter – the # sign. #key #Twitter #internet

BryllarsJBryllars     #Hantuchova began her career as #beauty on the court. And today, years later, she reappeared – such beautiful tennis. #Tennis

BryllarsJBryllars@@CardiacJlee_TL And yal, what you dressed as? Needs two mirrors.

 It is not the #game or the winning. It is the #beauty of the playing that life remembers. Sometimes winning is part of the beauty. #life
That James Joyce wrote the greatest book of modern #literature (FW) does not depend on reputation or the understanding of his readers #Joyce

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