in the last few months

My friend Martha Moffet’s mother died yesterday at ninety-nine and I was moved to write the following

I have come to believe more and more in the last few months, what is new to me if not to others,  that life in its arbitrariness is governed not by any real sense but by the willingness of certain people or spirits – or the capacity or conviction of certain people that allows them to impress themselves or inflict themselves on others and mold their world.
So that our living imagination is in the hands of the few people who are able by a combination of will, skill, and spirit to occupy it.
So that even in this age of mass media and incredible communication, the map of our world is made up of relatively few figures or people – whether close or far.

By these standards your mother must count as one of the great spirits, and I am sorry for your loss, and glad that her passing was peaceful.


New to me in part because I learned or was taught painfully that the world was supposed to make sense, and it if didn’t I was at fault.                                 As Einstein said, God does not play dice with the universe.






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