The Deficit – a proclamation

Let’s face it – the only fair way to cut the deficit is                                                    1. to cut the prices of the health care industry – all parts of it –
by at least half.
a. when an ordinary person can afford to get health care without
insurance – perhaps at some sacrifice – then government healthcare
support will again become a feasable budgetary  item – as it is in most
European countries. All of whom manage to afford it.
b. this will come at some cost to stockholders and markets. For this
reason it must be done gradually so that people who end up with the stock
will at least have some foreknowledge of the situtation they are getting
into. Perhaps the markets will anticipate this and crash a bit. But this
is the price of consuming so much of our national wealth for so long, and
the corruptions that have crept into and from all our insurance systems
so that the prices of healthcare have risen and become wasteful out of all bounds and proportion.

Luckily we have a little, only a little, time – as this is not the
moment to cut drastically if at all. What we need is to allocate spending
effectively – to help people, and future industries. We are bad at this
politically but we have to do it.

2.  We have to stop spending money on killing people in other countries.
We do not work well overseas. Our ordinary people are frightened of
cultures and languages that they do not understand, and take horrible
revenge. Yes we will become a less dominant country but we will become a
better country.
Here too we have to move gradually but effectively.

These are the two basic ways to cut expenditure and reduce debt.
Not on the backs of the people and the cost of a chaotic society.


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