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Karl Reisman Do Not buy anything from 101Phones. Bought a cordless from them. It died in 6 weeks. They have a 30 day return policy. Said I should stuff it.
<a href=”“>Consumer Complaints</a>

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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Fun in Nigeria

Media mogul Raymond Dokpesi sues Nigeria’s secret police over his arrest in connection with the Independence Day Abuja bombings.
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Karl Reisman

NEW YORK — Google and a group of technology and investment firms have set aside $1.8 billion to build a network of deepwater transmission lines for future wind farms off the East Coast. The transmission lines, which would run lead to the coast from Virginia to New Jersey, would be capable of deliver…
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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman ‎”Their
general conclusion is that searching for jobs can take up so much
time and resources that economies can have both a high jobless levels and
high vacancy rates simultaneously” BBC on Nobel award for economics

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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Nothing is hilarious about this election. It is an obscenity.

October 8 at 10:10pm · ·

Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman OK I’ve calmed down.

October 7 at 12:05pm · · ·

    • Michael Dowd Well, the one city on earth with the most hotel rooms at the moment is Las Vegas.

      Do black bears play black jack?

      October 7 at 5:46pm ·
    • Gregor Shapiro You are not afraid of the Florida black bear are you?

      October 8 at 2:16am ·
    • Karl Reisman No – only the big bad wolf and some Republicans. But some of the Palm Beachers may have a time when the bear says hello.

      October 9 at 11:25am ·
    • Karl Reisman As for bears playing blackjack – with Florida bears you never know.

      October 9 at 11:27am ·
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Karl commented on Gregor Shapiro‘s status.
Karl commented on Gregor Shapiro‘s photo.
Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman The day is coming, I am told, when black bears will again be freely walking on the streets of Palm Beach, the balance of nature will be restored, and humans will stop swarming over the earth with chain saws, and there will be no more hotels.

October 4 at 8:34pm · · ·

    • Gregor Shapiro Just wait a couple of centuries, millenia or mega years, it will happen.

      October 5 at 2:54am ·
Karl Reisman

This is Rep. Alan Grayson explaining the crisis of foreclosure fraud and how it links to the entire securitization chain of Wall Street.
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  • Michael Dowd likes this.
    • Gregor Shapiro Things are as usual i see…

      October 3 at 10:45pm ·
    • Karl Reisman No, worse. Have you seen the number of foreclosures this racket is doing. Imagine foreclosing on a person who has no mortgage at all.

      October 7 at 11:58am ·
Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman In the 1960’s EST was going to eliminate hunger – hah! Now the World Bank president says 1 Billion people go to bed hungry every night. And it’s getting worse.
“For the first time in history more than a billion people go to bed hungry each night.” Surprisingly, this shocking fact was brought to our attention by the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, who reports that the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating hunger by 2015 “will not be achie…
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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Back from 2 weeks of non-stop socializing – in pidgin Spanish. I am too old for this sort of thing and given the altitude and one bad eye, I was half asleep though sociable through the whole two weeks. Queretaro and Salamanca (in Guanajuato state). Breakfasts with 7, one dinner with 22, 7 other dinners – 2 family feas…ts with different families. drives and so on and on. Kindness everywhere.

See More

October 1 at 9:57am · · ·

Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Would you support a law called the “Analogue Act”? Who would know what it does?
“2C-I is not explicitly illegal, but that doesn’t mean it is legal either. Confusing? Of course it is, it’s American drug policy.” from The US Federal Analogue Act at Open Democracy:

Charles Shaw is a writer and activist living in the Bay Area of San Francisco. He is the author of Exile Nation: Drugs, Prisons, Politics and Spirituality and serves as editor for the Dictionary of Ethical Politics and the oD Drug Policy Forum.
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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman ‎”and (in a
characteristically mangled Chinglish phrase) his ‘ice-breaking success’.”
So this is where Pablo’s rib – (Cote de Pablo – Ziva) gets it.

September 16 at 10:53pm · ·

Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Off to Queretaro

September 16 at 10:20pm · ·

Karl Reisman
Sign the pledge to vote YES on Amendments 5 and 6 because Florida voters should choose their politicians – not the other way around.
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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Chris Hedges — Do not fear Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin. Fear the underlying corporate power structure, which no one, from Barack Obama to the right-wing nut cases who pollute the airwaves, can alter.(from Truthdig)

September 13 at 8:01am · · ·

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Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Book TV conversation with Gordon Wood. Usually i last 3 minutes with this kind of thing. But this morning a reminder and demonstration of what the civilized use of the brain can be.

September 11 at 10:41am · ·

Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Heard on TV Tennis – “a lot more aggressive of a serve”

September 9 at 7:17pm · · ·

    • Gregor Shapiro Are the Swedes commenting again?

      September 10 at 1:06am ·
    • David Raymond Lee You’re rather severe of a critic, Karl

      September 10 at 8:31am ·
    • Lydia Smiley Another new us of “of” in written language: I could of gone to the movies.◄:-O►

      I’ve added smileys to this comment. Wanna see them? Go to

      September 10 at 12:42pm ·
    • Jerry McKean If this ever changing world in which we live in, makes you give in and cry …

      September 10 at 1:26pm ·
    • Gregor Shapiro The all too common replacement of “your” instead of you’re (you are) is worse in my eyes than “UR” which I can accept as an SMS shorthand…

      September 10 at 4:14pm ·
    • David Raymond Lee Karl, you are one hell of a grammarian. Ooops, sorry. That should read, “Karl, you are one hell grammarian.”

      September 11 at 8:43am · · 1 personLoading…
    • Gregor Shapiro that would be: “Karl, your one hell grammarian”

      September 11 at 10:28am ·
    • Karl Reisman Oh no – not ‘your one hell grammarian’ – should be “You one hell grammarian”.

      September 12 at 1:39pm · · 1 personLoading…
Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Cedars Sinai Medical Center; 8700 Gracie Allen Dr., Los Angeles

September 7 at 8:27pm · · ·

    • Karl Reisman No, Don’t worry – as some have done. I just thought Gracie Allen was a great name for the address. What could go wrong?

      September 8 at 12:35pm ·
Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Clearly nothing has been on my mind — Animal Breeders indeed.
Some – repeat some – good Tennis – Wozniacki – Planning for trip to Queretaro and Salamanca (Mx) and making DVD’s for everybody.

September 7 at 11:40am · · ·

Karl Reisman

Karl Reisman Animal Breeders Models and Astronomers — among the least common jobs –

Just because a person’s job is a bit out of the ordinary, doesn’t mean it pays well. We culled through the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) most recent employment and wage data to find some of the least common jobs in America.
August 30 at 5:48pm · · · Share
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Karl likes Barack Obama (Politician).

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