In Oaxaca the walls are full of mold
and growths – diseases of decades and centuries
that no one knows how to cure.
So you sleep badly, or you sleep well
and wake up badly.
And the exhaust fumes collect in the lowlands
of the town – and again you sleep badly.
This is not the politics, which are also stagnant.
The governor who breaks and digs up the beautiful trees
of the plaza – and steals the centuries old doors
off the old churches.
The army has prowled the countryside for twenty years
shooting at will. And those prisoners held without trial
and incommunicado for how long?
The most sociable plaza in Mexico, it was.
People from all over the world used to meet there.
Now there are trains of tours walking through the town
and gay gringos living in meagre retirement.
And protest has become a disruptive parody,
covering the square with ropes and canvass to
prevent walking.
And only the gold up the hill in Santo Domingo still shines.


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