Some notes on the state of the nation

“The median age of entry into the sex industry in America is between

12 and 14 years old. And partially because of the use of the word “pimp”

to glorify men in music videos and popular culture,  many girls grow up

thinking of a pimp as someone who is cool, rich, and sexy, rather than

someone to be feared.” (

This means that one half of all women (people, boys?) entering the sex

“industry”are 13 and YOUNGER.

In a country that professes to be shocked by child abuse.

“Marian Wright Edelman writes that our schools are once again

becoming isolated by race and class.” Which does not look promising

for President Obama’s goals for improving education nationally.

While the Roman Catholic church seeks steadily to avoid responsiility for sex

between men in authority (priests) and boys,

it also declares that Mary was in a state of “perpetual” virginity ( ??? ) – and

viciously attacks the psyches and well being of young girls and women

who step outside its guidelines.

Bauman, Zymunt        44 Letters From the Liquid Modern World ”

‘This liquid modern world of ours cannot keep its shape for long. –

How are we to derive meaningful messages?’ –

a “liquid” modernity: a state of constantly changing circumstances

and shifting priorities that make it difficult for individuals to have

the time or …frames of reference to organize their lives.”


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