Three Links on HEALTHCARE


On last night’s The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert took aim at the way the health care reform bill has been impacted by lobbyists — which is to say that lobbyists are dominating the decision-making

As Stephen says – Come out of the closet – say what you really are O members of congress and senators – “whores” – Time for Baucus and the rest to shout out — “We’re here, we’re insincere, Get used to it.

Now is the season for action. The majority of Americans want health insurance reform with the choice of a public option that keeps insurance companies honest, lowers costs, and increases service. Howard Dean asks us to support the campaign for a public option

3.As opponents of reform try to water down or derail the President’s plan, it’s our urgent responsibility to speak out. Will you help make the case for reform by writing a quick letter to the editor of your local paper?
Getting Started

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