7-17-09 Guns! Guns! Guns!

The following exchange took place on Facebook
Barbara Roberts at 3:13pm July 15
Tell Karl I hope he never has a rattle snake attack any of his animals or family. He’d wish he had a gun.

Dear Barbara,
I have lived in the bush in Nigeria for a couple of years, in the West Indies in villages in tiny houses, etc etc with snakes, scorpions (hard to shoot).
Many pestiferous animals avoid highly settled areas such as small villages.

If I was camping alone in New Mexico at archeological sites, like my friend Dave Snow used to do, then a gun might be useful. I was once walking in Olympic Park where a mountain lion had been prowling – and got pretty scared. The week before the daughter of a friend of mine had been confronted in the same area by a cat that wouldn’t respond properly to any of the correct proceedures (she was experienced and well trained). Suddenly a car came driving down the trail and got between her and the cat and she got in and got away.
Later I asked a guy in a cafe what he did when he went walking, and he pulled his coat and showed me his 45. But then he started talking -at length – about how Bill Clinton was going to take away his gun. Paranoid.

Guns are tools, not a religion.
They are not for kids on the streets, or for drunks on boats shooting up other boats they don’t know – as happens here –
That’s control, not a total ban.

Most countries in the world survive with gun laws – even where there is much wilderness. It is not a cure – but it starts in the right place.

One response to “7-17-09 Guns! Guns! Guns!

  1. Charles Roberts

    Charles Roberts comments
    actually a rattlesnake never attacked anyone in our family, but one did get the dog. They have gotten a few cats too. Rattlesnakes dont attack until you give them no options. Cats and dogs get bitten because they attack snakes.

    When they get into the yard they need to be shot, because they just come back if you move them. We had them living under the house. You could here them rattle when you walked across the wooden floor. There are some snakes that will attack, such as water moccasins- they will cross a stream to come after you if you throw rocks at them… but even when they do attack, usually because you stepped on them, the gun will come in too late and is best used as a club, lest you shoot your toes off.

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