7-10-09 Evolution be Damned! Let’s argue about Nuclear Clocks.

A couple of nights ago Keith Olberman did a number on a state legislator in Arizone who casually mentioned the age of the earth as 6000 years. She was arguing for Uranium mining and Keith pushed the point that physics now measures the age of the earth.
I realized then that the Christian Fundamentalists arguing about evolution have been distracting us with details. The evidence for the fact of evolution is just difficult enough to proove – geology is not self-evident to most people – to allow them to confuse people with arguments about fact and theory and details of stratification.
But Fundamentalists also believe the age of the earth is more or less 6000 years. But if they are going to deny the physics of nuclear clocks then they are also going to have to deny the physics by which we make Nuclear bombs and run Nuclear power plants.
If that physics contains no factual truth, then EACH TIME humans make a NUclear BOMB that works then that would have to be a miracle of God – a separate miracle – because we obviously don’t know what we are doing when we make a bomb.
And the evidence of bombs and power plants is not hard to see or believe. So let’s arglue with them about TIME and let evolution take care of itself.
What will we call a fundamentalist science of Time. Surely not ‘creationism’.


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