6-28-09 Sincere Hypocrites

Higher kinds of hypocrites

Governor Sanford believes his religion – or tries – to the point of tortured logic and inhumanity.His wife is an excellent, Oh so excellent, person of character, responsibility, excecutive ability.
Oh what a lucky and blessed man he is!

But what a righteious devil is she also – her standards rigid lightening.

No one can OWN another’s sex life.
This is the great horror of the Christian religion.To make everybody guilty and righteous.
And to turn sex into a power game between people, instead of a loving sharing.

Falling in love at 50 is a blessing.

That someone is “faithful” so long is dangerous.
But if someone is lucky enough to be blessed with falling in love – then a loving partner should bless the experience.

What the partners owe each other is the security of knowing the other will come back.

People who spend their time threatening their partners with abandonment – assuming they are partners – are a curse. Falling in love a lot and not knowing your commitments is a rot in one’s character.

So both these people look so good and so sncere – but in fact are both cruel and unloving.
Higher kinds of hypocrites.


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