1-07-2009 Chicago racism

Years ago I was in Chicago and stopped in a car lot to ask directions. The manager was a friendly fellow and engaged us in conversation, and to be really friendly he called over a Black man who was sweeping the lot and told him to dance – to show off his “native talent”.
Today I saw something similar in the Illinois House of Representatives.
White members treated Roland Burris like some kind of idiot, full of nasty inuendos that were not influenced by issues in front of the House –
because Burris clearly had nothing to contribute to the question of impeaching the Governor. The ‘White’ people were insulting while the ‘Black’ members were doing their best to rescue ‘Senator’ Burris’ dignity.
White and Black polarization about nothing other than race in spite of shows of unity at the end. It seemed like 30 years ago. And was a shameful show.


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