12/26/08 Compassion Love and ‘Reality’ – the nature of BALANCE

Just saw a program – on Moyers, with Karen Armstrong and many others
on compassion, love, non-violence,
and the positive messages of all the religions

Forgiveness and Reaching Out and Inclusion –
this becomes a serious political issue
in an Obama world.
Can you reach out to someone who thinks they have an exclusive truth. Apparently not.
All the different voices and beliefs have to be granted legitimacy.
(As Tom Lehrer used to say – We must love one another, and I hate anyone who doesn’t)
This is a problem with Pastor Rick Warren.
He ‘SEEMS’ to be inclusive but he has an unforgiving core.
Which leads to a hypocritical twisting of words, which is just what Obama is taking us away from – to a simple truthful use of words.

Somewhere there must be a simple truthful fundamentalist. He may state his beliefs in clear unforgiving form. But at least we would be starting from a position of honesty.

But to live a truly compassionate life may well be to ask for crucifixion. And that is not the end of politics. We want to make a more honest and better society. Not to make a martyr.

Are there different kinds of inclusiveness?

Force is force, and the threat of force is a real thing in the world. And one cannot be a hero all the time.

Simple inclusion is not an answer to the Mafia.

And an American President cannot usefully be Ghandi.

It is a game with Rhythms, playing themes against each other.

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