12/21/08 Iraq: “Blamelessness and Reconstruction”

12 21 08 Iraq: “Blamelessness and Reconstruction”

What a wonderful title for a political party!

Reidar Visser who keeps up a steady commentary on the politics of southern Iraq at historiae.org    posted the following paragraph as part of a description of recent candidates lists and allignments in southern Iraq:

List 731, “Blamelessness and Reconstruction”. Three Sadrist members of the Maysan governorate council have been placed on top of this list in Maysan, and in Dhi Qar it is spoken of as pro-Sadrist. The list is interesting as a possible pro-Sadrist list because it runs across southern Iraq, often with professionals and academics placed high on the list. (Ironically, the secular Wifaq had number 731 in 2005!)
• Sadr al-Iraq (825) is sometimes described as a “pro-Sadrist” list, although it should be emphasised that for example its top candidate in Basra was quite pro-federal back in 2005 and some members have secular backgrounds.
• Additionally, the party of Mahmud al-Hasani (479), a Sadrist in fierce competition with Muqtada al-Sadr, will contest in the south.



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