12/9/2008 Microsoft-a few more minutes-INSTANT answer or TOTAL scanm

12/9/2008 Microsoft – a few more minutes –
INSTANT answer or TOTAL scan (scam)

INSTANT Scan – who can trust microsoft?
I asked about a particular file – svchost.exe – And I was offered – by Microsoft – an “instant” scan.

An hour later I am still involved in the installation of a program that intends to scan my whole system.
(which I have been doing all night anyway with several other programs)
So much for “Instant”.

Nowadays they control us – Have you seen the tracking devices they have when they want to know where you are?

So much for Freedom
(see the next blog – Happiness vs “Optimism”)

Oh! It is now 2 hours and Microsoft is
telling me that the installation will take
“a few more minutes”.

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