11/29/2008 – FAKE FACTS

  Day after Thanksgiving – and
  earlier this week Obama introduced his economic team –
   and Wow the Stock Market went up five days in a row.
   A First !

    This is a FAKE FACT. It is probably true.
    But of almost NO clear significance.
(see the famous book – in some circles – How to Lie with Statistics)

  Most television news is like this.
  Only sometimes does it matter.

  In addition to the “interpretive” questions introduced into their   interviews by News Hosts (Anchors ? – Certainly not   “correspondents” – which is the usage at some networks)
  Their understanding of what they are talking about is often so   shallow that they really don’t understand the meaning of what is   going on in any reasonable or even factual way.
  So they fall back on what they think (or are told) is the   management’s view of how to present the news. Even their   questions force a point of view about the world – often at the   expense of any true facts.
  Until they have a better understanding of society and history
  they ought to stick to what they understand..

   Today some newsperson (herafter NP) was talking to a   correspondent in Mumbai about what was going on. And that   person was trying without insulting the host country (India) that   she was reporting from to indicate between the lines what was   really going on.
  But instead of hearing what she was trying to say, the NP started   asking her what troubles these terror attacks might cause the   administration of ‘poor’ President-Elect Obama etc. And we never   heard what was really happening.

  Mumbai is one of the in-between terrible facts
– not of NO significance but whose significance is not as factual as the horrible events themselves.

   Today, the first shopping day of the “Christmas Season”
      (defined by whom)
the crowd at a Walmart was so eager to get in for bargains they actually trampled to death – like a stampeding herd of elephants – a healthy 34 year old man who was opening the door for them.
   And at Toys are Us – Toys – someone shot someone else and they died.
  Real pain, real horror, but its ‘meaning’?
I don’t know if these events are evidence about the nature of humans,
     or of the ‘spiritual condition’ of modern America – as has been suggested.

   Or just terrible poetry.
   By rather nasty poets.
  All these events themselves matter to some people, few or many.
  But what they “mean” may not.
  Any assumptions about the meaning of these events introduced into the discussion are “fake facts”.




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