11/20/2008 – 4 Questions

Why would I rather read Frances Yates on Giordano Bruno,
the Art of Memory, Rennaissance Magic, and John Dee, than
read a novel, even a good novel such as John Crowley’s Aegypt
that talks about these books?


Watching many people with different claims on intelligence
or the refusal of it, it seems to me that the key to a large
dimension of intelligence is the passion to learn and understand
– understand experience, understand reality – itself.
Many people are afraid to have this passion – or do not trust
themselves to pursue what they see to its conclusions.


What is the nature of battle shock?
After the war a U.S. survivor of Iwo Jima said
“the dreams that I had, they were just like reality to me.”


Why did the 60 Minutes interview with the Obamas make
me feel like I was in the rectory of an Episcopal Church or
the Harvard Divinity School?


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