8. Republican Penny Pinchers

I am a little amazed at the Republicans.

If John McCain had run a campaign based on UNdoing the worst messes pf the Bush administration
– rolling back the tax cuts for the rich, reregulating and updating regulation of the financial world
creating a forward looking foreign policy
and so on he would have had a fighting chance at the Presidency.

But he or the Republican Campaign apparatus have been, either
1. too ideologically dogmatic,
or the rich backers of the party have been so unwilling to give up PENNIES in tax breaks in order to keep control of the White House and all the administrative appatarus of Government
that they weren’t willing to take any gamble AT ALL.

How could this be?

Anyway I’m glad it’s true, but sad for our country that its rich have so little vision.

One response to “8. Republican Penny Pinchers

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