5 To the Doctor’s

It’s cheaper to sleep..

Drove up to Palm Beach today to see my doctor
– lucky me I have one.
And it was so beautiful up the coast road and beside the
tall hedges. Everything is all trimmed waiting for the season.
Fresh in motion. Even while finances are crashing everywhere
the hedges seem better off than they have ever been.
And not so much traffic.

Was asking my doctor whether there was a book for teen-agers
and people in their twenties on what to expect from their various
apparently trivial conditios as they grew older, and what to do
to make things as unharmful as possible. Nobody ever told me
that my flat feet would put my knees out of alignment, and make
walking such a pain if and when I ever did make it into my
present age. The same with other body systems with apparently
slight problems.
Now that would be preventive medicine. And it could be done
just with a book – from people who know from experience –
widely distributed.

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