4 BALANCE – Not everything has 2 sides

I hate “balance” –
When it comes to matters of fact – no matter how
complicated the facts – then there is right and wrong.
There is no “balanced” way to present this, as if there
were 2 equal sides.

Equal time is turning all our reporting into a farce.

Reporters ought to report. What Where When Who How
and not give opinions based on nothing but their spin on
events. Spin, when they are not even qualified to present
Spin, let along expert opinions.

And “experts” should not be paraded in pairs, as if that
made the coverage fair.

Do 2 + 2 make five or four?

Is Obama a Muslim. For a campaign to say this
is a LIE, not a point of vew.
If he says that I am NOT going to raise taxes on
anyone earning less than $250,000 a year, either
he says it or not. Will he do it? What is his intention?
These are different questions but they are lessing confusing
than the lies being put out there.

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