2 Starting Oct 12

OK – so now we start Oct 12 midnite + .50

First comments – on blog writing programs.
Whether its Windows Live Writer or WordPress
they all mess with the lines.
You can’t simply sit down like I am doing now
and have it come out at the other end.

If I try to break a line early then somehow the line
gets shortened and you can’t make corrections without
the whole line setup going awry. Whether in WordPress
or in Live Writer.

Only Posterous – BLESS IT – lets you write simply
and it comes out all right.

But it makes me wonder why if they can do it, all these
other pretentious programs can’t figure it out.
It’s because they think technology is fascinating
and they just can’t put themselves in the place of
someone who wants to write content. And follow
their mood, not the machinery.

Make programs for blog posting that cut out the
distractions. It has been done by Posterous.
Let everybody do it – at least as an alternative.

Now they have to make the FONT SIZE big enough
so I can read it in my old age.


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